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Ashland, Kentucky, United States | INDIE

Ashland, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
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"The Genuine Junk Band: What’s in a Name???"

The outstanding thing about a band that cannot really describe where they really would be categorized is that they are usually in a class by themselves. There aren’t many bands that really live up to that unique eclectic status…
Years ago, when I first heard of Genuine Junk Band, they were local legends with a big following playing the University Shooters. Since then, I’ve seen a million of those GJB stickers on the back of every other car but mine. Maybe the next time they print…
Mary Fisher-Gillum performs lead vocals, Nathan Gillum plays guitar and sings vocals, & Ian Caldwell plays guitar. These three represent the original members of the group, and they’re joined by journeyman bassist, Ian Nuckles & former Zen Fisherman drummer, Steve Barker.
The Genuine Junk Band arrived at rehearsal relaxed and ready, with the exception of Nuckles, who is a little late. Unlike less experienced bands who might be inclined to spend some of rehearsal, if not all of it, just goofing off, GJB gets busy talking about recent show problems in between chatting me up. Their posture and maturity impress me more as I talk to them. The laoweb addition, Steve Barker has had a tough time adjusting to the different rhythms and speeds GJB play in shows. He’s the first to admit, “I must get my head out of my ass” and he’s really worked hard to learn and play the tunes. The band mates all seem to support the job he’s doing.
When asked about what defines GJB, several things emerge. First, the diversity and well rounded nature of the band solidifies the sound, which emerges from the craftily written tunes cranked out by Nathan Gillum. Nathan writes with good perspective to the lyrical and instrumental and then carefully blends them to stamp the feeling of the songs with that familiar GJB sound. “The whole idea behind the way I write,” Nathan says, “is to allow the music to speak for itself.”
Genuine Junk Band brings a broad band of influences into their clever and well developed sets, and each member is able to draw on a variety of experiences and sounds that have influenced them.
My favorite thing about the Junk Band is the way they get new fans — they simply play in front of new people, and they instantly become fans. It seems amazing, but every new club adds to the popularity of this red hot jam band, and new fans start their journey as GJB followers. That new batch of bumper stickers may be closer than I think… Each of the members agree that they’d like to branch out and play more in Cincinnati, Lexington, anywhere it takes for them to make it to the next level.
When asked about a new CD, or even a debut CD, they all believe this incarnation of the group will produce the strongest showing yet. There’s a maturity and sense of urgency about the way they approach music, now. They agree, they’d like to work 40-50 shows this year and really make a positive splash everywhere they go.
If you’re interested in catching GJB, and you should check out Huntington Music Hall aka The Monkey Bar on May 20 opening for the Jerry Garcia Band. If that’s not your cup of tea, try checking them out at Appalachian Uprising as they close the show on Thursday!
- Gary Newman

"New line-up, sound suits Genuine Junk Band"

Genuine Junk Band has been a Huntington staple for many years, and in that time they have managed to keep a solid stock of real supporters in Kentucky (their home state) and West Virginia.
Their original music is inspired and well-crafted, which makes for a solid show that changes every time you see/hear them.
- Shawn Beckner

"Genuine Junk Band - Cd Review"

Genuine Junk Band

by Brian Bozzio -Voiceboxx

Listening to the CD you may not exactly know what to think of first. Is it jazz? Do I hear rock? This does
sound different. This band mixes different sounds together to make their own.
Their new CD, “This Is It”, has already hit big with their fans. It is a mix of jazz meets rock and
everything in between. Mary Gillum, lead vocals for the band, has a strong voice that is able to adapt with
any genre of music they decide to go with on their album.Clue#5 Why are you even on this hunt? Okay, well do you really know any details about this festival? You could try to continue the search or you could just QUIT.
There is a mix of instrumental music and lyrics. Nathan Gillum (lead guitar) Ian Nuckols (bass) and
Ian Caldwell (guitar) know how to rock on the songs. Listening to the guitar you can really tell that they
are putting everything they have into playing. It stands out above everything else on all the songs. Nathan
also writes most of the songs for the band.
The band has been together for five years, and you can tell that their music is worth being signed to a
label. They have already been signed to 9 Lives Records, which is an Indie label out of Ashland, KY. 9
Lives Records has just put out Genuine Junk Band’s album, which took about five months to create.
They also had the help of 2 Cats Studios. 9 Lives Records have also signed Larry Pancake, who you
might remember from the issue earlier this year.
The more you listen to the CD the more you get the feel for what they are creating. With catchy lyrics,
and great solos this is a great CD.
To get tour dates, purchase their CD, or get more information on the Genuine Junk Band, go to their
website or - Brian Bozzio - Voiceboxx

"Genuine Junk Band ready to hit road for summer tour"

The Genuine Junk Band's new CD, "Stories from the Hills and the Sea," is a must-get disc for summer '08.

Get it, pop it in the disc player or iPod, sit in the backyard and start traveling with your feet propped up on the cooler and the shades down.

Better yet, roll out next Friday (yes, Friday the 13th) when GJB is playing a going-away party at Marley's Doghouse Pub, 2050 3rd Ave., Huntington.

The band, which just rocked up the Paramount Arts Center last weekend, is heading out on a summer tour of nearly 20 shows that goes through Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Vermont.

Before they head east, the band is hosting a yard sale from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at 3205 Newman St., in Ashland. They're still looking for any donations for the sale with all funds going toward gas, of course.

More ink next week on GJB and their upcoming road trip.

They'll have a pretty triumphant return to the Commonwealth as the weekend they come back, GJB is at the Paramount at 8 p.m. July 31, and at 8 p.m., Aug. 2, at the new Greenbo Lake Amphitheater at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. - Dave Lavender

"Genuine Junk Band celebrates new CD, then hits road"

The Genuine Junk Band has recorded a CD filled with stories of the hills and sea.

In their own words, they've been "dreaming of fields, of daffodils, dandelion wine and tea, sunshine baths and long winding paths to make them feel at ease."

Come Friday, the Ashland-based jam band celebrates the release of its poetically penned CD, "Stories From the Hills and Sea," at 10 p.m. Friday, June 13, at Marley's Doghouse Pub, 1050 Third Ave., Huntington. Then the band heads out on a long, winding path: a summer tour through Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Vermont.

Nathan Gillum, who started the band in 1999 with his wife Mary, said they've got their 26-foot camper ready to roll. They have some fresh cash in hand after a yard sale last weekend in Ashland to raise more gas money for the road.

Friends and fans also are bringing in some canned food for the Friday show to help fuel the band's monthlong sojourn away from these hills.

"Hopefully, we'll be able to make it all the way around and back home," Gillum said.

Gillum said last summer he booked eight shows in nine days to the Outer Banks and back to test the waters for the five-person band, which also includes Ian Caldwell, guitar; Chris Justice on bass; and Dave Knipp on drums.

"It was a great experience. We realized this is what we want to do for summer."

The band split up booking duties and has lined up a string of clubs from the North Carolina shores up to Vermont and then back through New York.

"We're starting to get really excited about it all," Gillum said.

Gillum, who also has a solo CD coming out, credits GJB's rhythm section of Justice and Knipp with taking the band to the next level.

"The band's been together since the fall of 1999, but since then, we've had a few drum and bass switches," Gillum said. "We're kind of settled in with our drummer and bassist now. It's a good lineup, and I give them credit because they came in with a passion for playing original music in a band and that is great."

GJB found Tom Atha's Newark, Ohio-based recording studio through MySpace and holed up there last winter for four days laying down the new CD of original, melody-juiced jams that's a followup to the band's 2006 CD "This is It."

"It was a wonderful studio with a grand piano and hardwood floors," said Gillum, who plays piano, guitar and mandolin on the CD. "We rehearsed the songs pretty heavily going into it. We just wanted it to be more of a live feel and more natural and not be worried about making mistakes. We decided we're just going to have a good time and not worry about making things perfect."

Thus far, the CD has been fueling nothing but a good time.

GJB had a CD release party at the V Club in Huntington, then performed a rare rock show a couple of weeks ago in their hometown of Ashland at the Paramount Arts Center.

"We had a really good feeling going into it," Gillum said. "It's the biggest venue in our hometown, and it is something we always wanted to do ever since we started playing music."

Gillum said the band's usual crowd of dancers just came on down to the front and boogied down in front of the stage, even hula hooping.

"That ended up being really cool," Gillum said. "The more noise you make, the more comfortable we feel."

Gillum said he credits Gary and Sonya of WTCR's "Homegrown Country" for branching out and promoting the local music scene.

"Homegrown," which airs Sundays at 5 p.m. on WTCR, also is promoting another Paramount rock show on Thursday with locally based, but internationally traveling metal act Hydrogyn, along with Gypyz Roze and Larry Pancake.

GJB will be back at the Paramount at 8 p.m. Thursday, July 31, and at the new Greenbo Lake Amphitheater at Greenbo Lake State Resort Park at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 2.

"I definitely credit Gary and Sonya for taking the initiative to start to bring in some different stuff to the Paramount," Gillum said. "I think the Paramount's interested in bringing in some younger acts and trying to connect with that younger audience as well." - Dave Lavender

"Genuine Junk Band a great night cap after Skynyrd show"

You know you've got it bad, and that is good, when your ears fill up with four hours of arena rock, but you still gotta go get some more.

I wasn't alone last Friday night after the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Hank Williams, Jr. show at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in hitting the Huntington clubs since Bobaflex and Genuine Junk Band were just a couple of the great bands playing live in downtown.

Since we're going to be making a run tonight for the Borders, and not going to be at GJB's gig back home in Ashland at the historic Paramount Arts Center, I figured I'd better slip over to the V Club to get a copy of the band's new CD that has stories from both the hills and the sea.

GJB had a $10 cover at the door, but with the cover came a free copy of the CD ("Stories From the Hills and the Sea").

That seems like a great idea for anyone releasing a CD.

The all-original CD is a real work of art from Travis Clark's cartoonish cover to the band's groovalicious penchant for melodic songs with Mary's honey-dripped lead vocals and Nathan's playful leads that set your mind and soul free for traveling.

GJB is playing the Paramount at 8:30 p.m. today. Nathan, who wrote the entire GJB CD except for one cut, will open the Paramount show with an opening set featuring material off of his upcoming solo album, "I'm an Amplifier." He'll be joined on-stage by drummer Andrew Gillum; bassist Jose Oreta, and vocalist Sonya Crites, who's also known from the radio program "Homegrown with Gary and Sonya" on 103.3 WTCR.

Kudos to Gary and Sonya for doing so much to promote our area's sweet layers of homegrown music and booking it in live at the Paramount.

Tickets for the GJB show are $13 today.

Check out more about the band that's setting off for a tour of the eastern United States this summer online at - Dave Lavender

"Shows, tour upcoming for Genuine Junk Band"

Given their influences, the two-month tour the Genuine Junk Band is planning will be just the right thing.

The Americana-jam band from Ashland will have a CD release party at The V Club in Huntington Friday, followed by a show on the main stage of the Paramount Arts Center May 23. Then, after a few more possibel dates in the area, singer-guitarist-pianist-mandolin player Nathan Gillum said the summer tour will begin the second week in June, taking the group to North Carolina’s Outer Banks and up the east coast and throughout the Northeast.

The touring band Phish from Burlington, Vt., has been an influence on each member of GJB.

“It’s very cool because one of the stops on our tour is a gig we have at a place called “Nectar’s,” Gillum said. “That’s where Phish got their start in Burlington and so this is going to be great for us to visit their roots! It’s very special for us and we were really excited when we got the gig!”

Gillum named the ultimate jam band, The Grateful Dead, as another influence.

“I think we have our own thing going on but we have definitely incorporated elements of both of those bands into our sound,” he said. “From there, it’s all across the board. We like to let a little bit if everything seep into our music.”

In addition of GJB, the Paramount show will include a solo performance by Gillum, who plans a solo album soon. Performing with him will be his brother, Andrew Gillum, on drums; Jose Oreta on bass; and his cousin, Sonya Crites from Gary and Sonya on WTCR.

GJB’s tour is in support of its third album, titled “Stories from the Hills and Sea,” produced by the band and Tom Atha and distributed by 9 lives Records.

Success so far has lead the band to high hopes for the future as they continue to stay grounded.

“At this point we have no expectations other than to just give it our best shot and see what happens,” Gillum said. “It seems that this is the absolute best time for us to hit the road and hope doors will start opening for us. We definitely feel like we’re gaining momentum.”

Genuine Junk Band will have a CD release party at The V Club Friday and will be on the main stage of the Paramount Arts Center May 23. The band will tour the northern and eastern parts of the U.S. this summer. - Lee Ward

"7 questions with Genuine Junk Band"

Seven Questions with Genuine Junk Band

An interview from the RV
By Dan Bolles [10.15.08] - 222 reads
TAGS: music, musician profile
Genuine Junk Band

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Kentucky’s eclectic roots-rock outfit Genuine Junk Band gives new meaning to the term “road warriors.” Living in an RV dubbed “HaRVy,” the quartet has relocated to Vermont during a month-long residency, Monday nights at Nectar’s. But things haven’t gone entirely according to plan. From spending all their money getting here to bouncing around Wal-Mart parking lots to “losing” their bassist, it’s been a tumultuous introduction to life in the Green Mountains.

Seven Days recently chatted by phone — from the RV, of course — with GJB multi-instrumentalist Nathan Gillum to see how the band is holding up.

SEVEN DAYS: So what is a “junk” band, exactly?
NATHAN GILLUM: I think a lot of people get confused and think that we play “jug”-type instruments, like washboards and stuff, which is totally not what we do. We kind of think of “junk music” as just a big conglomeration of all kinds of different styles. Just a big mix of everything that we like to play.

The name actually originated from an old, broke-down car that I had. And some kids around town called it the “junk-mobile.” And somehow that came up when we were talking about band names. At the time we were playing on really bad equipment, so it all just seemed to fit. That’s where the name came about.

SD: Are you guys really living out of an RV? In Vermont? In October?
NG: Yes. For the entire month. It’s interesting, to say the least. We do have a stove and a sink and a bathroom and beds. So we’re set up fairly decent. But, you know, the water supply only lasts for a few days. And when you run out of that, it’s kind of, like, “OK, now what do we do?”

It’s interesting. You’ve gotta conserve water, conserve food. Don’t take anything for granted, that kind of thing. It’s fun, though!

SD: And you “lost” your bassist?
NG: Yeah. I was afraid that I worded that badly. He didn’t die or anything. But what happened is that, the weeks leading up to the trip, it just seemed like thing after thing kept piling on top of us. Like, reasons to make us think we should not be going on this trip.

So, two weeks before we were leaving, he decided that he wanted to go back to school, and he has plans on gettin’ married . . . so he decided that this lifestyle wasn’t for him. So then it was kind of, like, “Well, what do we do now?” So we just said, “Screw it. We’re going anyways.”

So our guitarist switched from guitar to bass. And without practicing or anything, we played our first show the night we rolled into Nectar’s. We were all kind of hesitant about how it was going to go. But we’re all loving the new setup. Maybe it’s something that happened for a reason.

SD: And you’re broke?
NG: It took every bit of our money to get up here.

SD: So . . . aside from all of that, what do you think of our fair state?
NG: We absolutely love it up here. We did a six-week tour back in the summer. And Phish is a big influence on our band, so that kind of sparked our interest in the area. So, we got up here, played a few shows, and just totally fell in love with Vermont. So here we are.

SD: McCain or Obama?
NG: I’m gonna have to say Obama. Of course, I’m not speaking for everybody. We don’t discuss politics a whole lot amongst the band. But I’m gonna have to say Obama.

SD: Kentucky is historically a red state. Will you be home in time for the election?
NG: We’re definitely making it back home in time to vote. If nothing else, we all definitely know the importance of it. We’re definitely planning on that . . . unless we get stuck here.

SD: Well, given your luck . . . - Dan Bolles- 7 Days - Burlington, VT

"The Genuine Junk Band to perform Dec. 20 show"

by:Carolyn Harmon

The Ashland-based Genuine Junk Band will be performing Dec. 20 at the V Club in Huntington.

HUNTINGTON - Junk is usually a term referring to trash or rubbish, but in this case of one Ashland, Ky., band it refers to an innovative genre of music.

The Genuine Junk Band has been performing together since 1998. According to Nathan Gillum on guitar, piano, mandolin, and vocals; junk style is a conglomeration of rock, jazz, blues and roots music that emerged from the group, even though their heritage is immersed in country and bluegrass. But many of their songs' lyrics come from the members' personal Appalachian experiences, such as their song "In Kentucky." In this feel-good song Nathan tried to fit in as many Kentucky stereotypes as he could.

In addition to Nathan, the other band members include Ian Caldwell on bass, Dave Knipp on drums and percussion, and Nathan's wife, Mary on lead vocals.

The group writes their own music and in 2006, signed with 9 Lives Records and released "This Is It," which sold out the first pressing.

Over the summer the group toured to promote their latest CD "Stories from the Hills and Sea," where they traveled throughout the Northeast.

"We have a certain fan base in this area [Ky.] and once you sell to those people it gets kind of tough," Nathan said. "Taking it somewhere else, where nobody heard of your band helps reach a new audience."

While Nathan said that none of the band members were interested in the business side of the band, he learned to enjoy certain aspects of it.

He also enjoys traveling in the band's 26-foot motor home nicknamed Harvy.

"We end up in towns sometimes for a couple weeks where we really get to dive into the surroundings and see some things that we normally wouldn't," Nathan said. "At the same time we don't always have the money to do really cool things."

Nathan said he also enjoys the entire creation process - to be an artist, create music, and share it with people and see their reaction. And he likes working with his wife, he said, to experience it all together works out very well for them.

"It's hard on relationships when one person is not in the band," Nathan said. "That person has to make the decision to sacrifice for their significant other and sometimes it doesn't work out so well."

According to Nathan, the band tries to make every show as fun as possible.

"People like to dance to our music, especially when we get a good crowd response," he said.

The Genuine Junk Band will perform at the V Club, in Huntington, Dec. 20.
- Putnam Standard

" New Groove interview"

Genuine Junk Band

Once again, our current New Groove of the Month was selected by our readers. Ashland, Kentucky-based Genuine Junk Band took top honors in the latest installment of the Jambands 250. Here guitarist Nathan Gillum takes some time to pinpoint the origins of the group, describe a "Thriller" melée and detail the attributes of "Junk Music."

Can you talk about the development of the group? How did you meet and how did the current line-up solidify?

The band was originally all high school friends that formed during our freshman year of college. Over the past 9 years we’ve had musicians come and go and found keeping a band together to be a huge challenge. Ian Caldwell, Mary Gillum, and I (Nathan Gillum) are now the remaining original members with addition of Andrew Gillum on drums and Jose Oreta on bass. We’re now back to a line-up all from the same high school but this time with a 6 year age gap.

You've recently changed your line-up slightly, bringing back an older member and drawing in someone new. Can you talk about their impact on your music?

Yeah, Andrew Gillum has re-joined us on drums. He’s been playing on and off with us since his first bar gig at age 15. Although he’s been too busy with school to fully commit to us in the past, he’s always bailed us out whenever we’ve had drummer issues throughout the years, including playing on our first album. So it’s great to have him in the band again because he’s one of the best drummers around and such a natural fit. We also added Jose Oreta on bass. Jose is a phenomenal musician and it’s so nice to have someone that can add a variety of upright, fretless, or fretted bass to our music. We think the band is the best it’s ever been right now and we’re real excited about touring and recording a new album together!

In terms of your musical backgrounds and interests, what does each of you bring to bear?

We’ve always been quick and proud to name Phish and the Grateful Dead as hugely influencing our sound, approach, and philosophy on music. In addition to that, we’ve all attended college studying music in classical and jazz formats. At this point, just about anything could be an influence on us. You could hear anything from newbie local bands CD’s to fusion jazz to Lil Wayne pumping from our motor home! Anything goes as long as it’s interesting! We’ll give it a chance and it might just find its way in there somewhere.

What is "junk music"? How has it evolved over time?

“Junk music” for us has always been a big conglomeration of whatever kind of music we choose to play hopefully with our own twist or perspective. Like junk art, taking random objects and combining it together into a new art piece! The band name could be confusing sounding like we play trash cans or homemade instruments but so far we don’t. We’ve talked about the “gimmick power” of incorporating that kind of thing but have chosen not to go down that road yet, not completely ruling it out though!

As for the evolution of our music, we started out with songs that had barely any structure or lyrics for that matter. We still have the occasional tune like that but for the most part we like to play lyrical melodic songs that can be expanded on live.

How would you describe the vitality and support of your local Kentucky music scene?

We’d probably describe it as the lack of vitality for music around here but that’s also why the musicians and bands support each other so well. We’re definitely not from a place of great opportunity so we’ve taken to traveling in search of success. So far, our area has managed to squeeze out a few country or bluegrass success stories but we’d be fooling ourselves if we counted on that happening for us here. We have started our own Junk Jam festival to give bands around here at least one more cool performance opportunity each year.

Who writes the band's music? How it is typically presented to the group and how does it then come together?

I (Nathan) usually come up with the songs on an acoustic guitar or piano at first. Then, Mary does a sort of quality control check and figures them out vocally in her own way. After we’ve finalized a key signature we present it to the rest of the band. Sometimes I have specific ideas in mind but most of the time they just put their own style on things. That’s part of what makes being in a band unique and cool, all of the musical personalities working together, especially when you have huge respect and trust for each other.

How do you approach original songs in the live setting?

Like a herd of wild stallions….sneak up on them, jump on their back and ride ‘em til they give in!

What about covers, can you talk about what songs you toss in from time to time? Who selects them?

All band members randomly mention songs from time to time. Most don’t stick but occasionally one will for some reason or another. With Mary as our lead vocalist we like to pick songs that females don’t usually sing. We did a cover of "War Pigs" that sounded really great with female vocals! We’ve done Steely Dan’s "Black Friday" on Black Friday. Bob Marley’s "Soul Shakedown" Party always works well. We’ve done our share of Allman Brothers and Bonnie Raitt blues stuff and more random stuff like Pat Metheny Group’s "Have You Heard" or Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina." We’ve done so many over the years and usually tend to only play them for a short time before moving on to a new batch. Sometimes new covers come from suggestions from friends or fans too.

In terms of cover tunes can you talk about any spectacular successes and failures?

Failures seem to stand out the most. The only fight at one of our shows broke out during "Thriller" one Halloween. We tried to continue on but it was pretty pointless and kind of humorous in a theatrical kind of way! We also tried winging Johnny Cash’s "Ring of Fire" only to screw the words up which resulted in two wasted Jersey guys yelling in our faces “No, it’s down, down, down.” That was awkward and funny!

How often do you rehearse? What do you focus on when you get together for rehearsal?

In the past we’ve tried to practice at least once or twice a week. We tend to cram more when doing new material or if a big show is coming up. A lot of kinks tend to get worked out live including figuring out each other’s role and space in our sound. We’ve tried extensive practice sessions in the past but they tend to just burn us out. From the jam aspect, we’re real good about listening and playing off one another. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about jamming, we just let it happen in the moment organically.

Can you talk about some of your performance highlights thus far. Is there a gig (or gigs) that stand out? Why?

Two shows that come to mind are the first time we played the Paramount Arts Center in our hometown of Ashland, KY. To go from hometown garage band to headlining a stage that hosts some of the best talent ever was a dream come true for us! The second one, when Phish bassist Mike Gordon showed up at one of our Nectar’s gigs. Whether he liked us or not, we had never imagined such a huge influence of our band actually watching us play! It was awesome and surreal!

You've released two albums. Can you talk about the musical development from the first to the second and what may yet follow on your next effort?

I think our first two albums are hard for us to explain just like our band. They’re both very eclectic, varying in length and style from song to song. They’re both concept albums of sorts the first one with more of a relationship theme and the second fictional storytelling. The first album was an inexperienced studio band with a bunch of time on their hands. The second was just the opposite, more experience with less time to record (about 4 days). So we’re very fond of both but we’re really looking ahead. With our third album, we hope to finally make our mark on the jam scene and more. We still feel like people have only gotten a small taste of what we’re capable of and that gives us hope and purpose for the future.

Any final thoughts to folks across the country who may be hearing about you for the first time from this piece?

We just want to thank everyone that voted for us and also thank for giving bands like us this opportunity! For everyone that hasn’t heard us yet, please take a second to check out some of our music at We hope you enjoy it! Mention us to your friends, we hope to see you in “The Danger Zone” sometime at a show!

-, Dean Budnick


2006 - "This Is It" - 9 Lives Records 2006

2008 - "Stories from the Hills and Sea" -9 Lives Distribution 2007

2010 - "Junk Radio" - set for 9 Lives Distribution



Genuine Junk Band consists of some of the best musicians playing some of the best original music you'll likely hear! For over a decade GJB has produced its own "Junk" style, blending elements of rock, jazz, blues,bluegrass and roots music, with lyrics and ideas reflective of their own personal experiences. This is Genuine Junk! A musical conglomeration of colorful sound! Great music emphasizing on strong songwriting and heavy grooves to get the people moving!

"GJB cranks out a groove-heavy sonic brew that stirs in a diverse mix of musical influence."- Christopher Mitchell, Herald Dispatch - Huntington, WV

"Kentucky’s eclectic roots-rock outfit Genuine Junk Band gives new meaning to the term “road warriors.” - Dan Bolles, 7 Days -Burlington,VT

"Genuine Junk Band's new CD, "Stories from the Hills and the Sea," is a must-get disc for summer '08." - Dave Lavender, Herald Dispatch-Huntington,WV

GJB make appearances at large scale Americana, jam, and rock festivals. They also frequent historic theaters, national clubs and more. They have released 3 eclectic albums all being distributed by 9 Lives Record Label and have toured heavily to promote each. The band relocated to Vermont for awhile and are currently making plans to move the group to Nashville, TN. They plan to continue touring and expanding in 2010.
Still, after all the years together, the group's goal is as simple and straight forward as ever, to perform the music they love for those who share the same love and passion for great music!

"And with a name like Genuine Junk Band, who can resist 'em?" - Peter Hummers, Outer Banks, NC Sentinel

Notable Achievements:
+voted New Groove of the Month for April 2009. (One of the leading jamband sites)

+recorded 3rd album with internationally acclaimed producer Eddie Ashworth(Sublime, Great White)

+signed promotional deal with Sequitur Media, LLC in 2009

+Included in Mojo Stik Entertainment booking roster in 2009

+ Selected for free studio project with nationally acclaimed-Recording Workshop

+ Signed with 9Lives Records Label in 2006

+ Albums internationally distributed online available on all major internet music carriers

+ Received airplay on mainstream, college, and internet radio

+ Selected in 2008 for music series, filmed and broadcast on Time Warner television.

+ Toured extensively the past 3 years.

+ Selected in ‘07 by Sequitur Media, LLC for full web development deal.

+ Performed with many other national touring acts including:
Sam Bush Band - Ekoostik Hookah - JGB- One Under - Moonshine Still - Gordon Stone Band - Railroad Earth - Yonder Mountain String Band - Keller Williams

+ Performed at nationally notable venues such as:
Nectar's - Burlington, VT
Terrapin Hill Festival - Harrodsburg, KY
Ashland Community Theater - Ashland, KY
Appalachian Uprising - Scottown, OH
Paramount Arts Center - Ashland, KY
Madison Theater - Covington, KY
Sportsman Tavern - Buffalo, NY
Southgate House - Cincinnati, OH
Kelly's - Nags Head, NC
Wilbert's - Cleveland, OH
V -Club - Huntington, WV
Empty Glass - Charleston, WV
The Dame - Lexington, KY
Blue Gator - Athens, OH
Mad Frog - Cincinnati. OH
Big Sandy Superstore Arena - Huntington, WV