Geoff Fawcett

Geoff Fawcett

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I am a songwriter / worship leader. I write songs primarily for congregational a capella worship, though many of them are very effectively backed up with a band, keyboard, or guitar. I also write songs for solo performance and choir performance.


My influences range from classical (I grew up playing the bassoon) to rock (everything from Elton John to AC/DC to Hawkwind to Linkin Park) to traditional a capella worship singing.


Let the Light Shine Down

Written By: Geoff Fawcett

{I have SATB sheet music for this}

Let the light shine down on me
Let the light shine down on me
Let the light shine down, the light shine down
Let the light shine down on me

When the path I walk is dark
When the clouds are all I see

When my faith is weak and small
When my fears are all I see

When my sword is lifted high
When I bask in victory

When I live my final day
When my ship sails ‘cross the sea

Reprise (slow):
Let the light shine down
On me


Written By: Geoff Fawcett

Lord, we sing your praises loud
Sing them to the stumbling crowd
Sing of Jesus and his Word
Sing until the earth has heard

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sing of crosses and his blood
Earthquakes, darkness and the flood
Sing of judgment, sing of grace
Sing until we see his face

God is why we live and sing
We the servants, He the King
All his power, all his life
Living in the Church his wife

God is justice, God is love
God is reigning from above
God is sovereign o’er the land
Nations bow at his command

Life is but a passing glance
Seek him while you have the chance
We are made of naught but clay
‘Til we’re changed on that great day

At the End of the Narrow Road

Written By: Geoff Fawcett

I feel changes comin' on today
I know things will never be the same
I could choose to run and fight it
Clench my heart, protect and hide it
But here's the truth: it's hard to say goodbye

Part of me would really like to stay
But a whisper in my soul calls me away
Though our paths are not together
We're both children of forever
So if we cannot see each other
Pray for me and call me "brother"
In sunny plains and darkest valleys
I'll remember you

I know I will see your face again
When the journey's over
I know I will see your face again
So keep on fighting the fight
I know I will see your face again
Maybe sooner than later
I know I will see your face again
At the end of the Narrow Road

Nothing changes, everthing's the same
The richest joys come from the deepest pain
Here today or gone tomorrow
Laugh your joys and cry your sorrows
I know that His voice will guide us
Walk the journey right beside us
When our travelling days are over
Tears of joy will flow

At the end of the narrow road
At the end of the narrow road
At the end of the narrow road
At the end of the narrow road