Geoff Geis

Geoff Geis

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Eclecticism and intensity are the hallmarks of Geoff Geis's music. On record, Geis uses electro affectations to bring his intellectual and abstract pop songwriting to fruition. Live, he's a one-man tour de force who engages his audiences with a sermonic ferocity.


On Geoff Geis' debut album Princess, an underground LA stalwart goes from DIY to DEY - do everything yourself.

Geoff has spent the past several years at the helm of two bands: Pizza!, which was notable for its "refreshing disregard for genre" (International Tapes, 8/2010) and Big Whup, cited as "the best art pop band in Los Angeles" by KUCI. The two groups, both of which have been fixtures in the scene surrounding local venue the Smell, have dramatically different sounds but share a drive towards unpredictability and melodicism.

Having spent a while in these two collaborative projects, Geis began working on Princess in 2011 to see if he craft a record on his own. Armed with an MPC-1000 and a new iMac, he put the pieces together rather quickly as he learned how to play keyboards, omnichords, basses, and other instruments other than his native guitar. The resultant album is concise, playful, personal, and catchy as it pulls together the diverse aspects of Geis' influences (electro, country music, Justin Timberlake, jangly guitar) into a surprisingly cohesive whole.

For his live performances, Geis jettisons everything that is not physically attached to his body. Armed with just a headset microphone, Geis the singer leaps, shimmies, and cavorts with his audience with an "in-your-face boldness" (The 704 Blog, 7/2011) that is sometimes befuddling, sometimes charismatic, and always sensational.


October 2011: Divas (Vanity Projects)

August 2011: Princess (Vanity Projects)
Album #2 on KXLU; single "Where have you been?"