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"An illusion of 'Perpetual Nonsense'"

A man with a plaid fedora stands on the stage. He pulls a white sheet from the floor. Demonstrating to the audience that there is nothing tricky about this piece of fabric, he pulls it taut and flings it into the air. As the sheet slowly settles to the ground, the man, and his fedora, are gone. Nothing is left except a crumpled pile of textile.
And thus the short YouTube video ends, an all-too-short preview of an extremely captivating performance. Showing April 9 and 10 at 8:30 p.m., Geoff Kanick will be demonstrating his skill as an illusionist and physical performer. In past shows he has focused heavily on magic, Kanick said. However, this show is less about magic and much more about movement.
Kanick's interest in magic and illusion, which has given him a lot of performance experience, began a long time ago.
"I've always been interested in magic," he said, recalling his first magic set and his experience practicing "the same five tricks over and over again."
He even won his eighth-grade talent show with his performance. However, his present show, while influenced by his years of experience, draws far more inspiration from one semester at the London Dramatic Academy.
"This show grew out of the physical theater class," Kanick said.
He added that while in England, he and his classmates studied everything "from Shakespeare to stage combat."
Kanick centers his latest production on this idea of story and expression through movement.
The intrigue of physical theater is fascinating for him, since he previously knew little of it.
Though having performed in several Gonzaga plays as well as becoming an experienced ballet dancer, Kanick has never delved into the world he explores in his new show.
One of his major motives in utilizing movement rather than speech is the universality it entails.
"This show could be performed in, you know, China, or Africa, or anywhere and it would have the same effect on people," he said.
There is more juggling and movement than magic, in this show, as Kanick wanted to "challenge himself in different ways."
Whereas the last show Kanick performed at Gonzaga was a challenge to his magic skills, this is a challenge to move and create a new kind of illusion, telling a story without speaking any words.
Entitled "Perpetual Nonsense: An Uncommon Understanding of the Common," this latest production is about one-quarter magic, and three -quarters movement and juggling.
The production, however, is really about one specific character, "an everyman," Kanick said.
The illusionist tells a story, sans verbiage, about a man who is both "in control of everything [in his own world,] and nothing." It is about the path through life, focusing on everyday objects and everyday occurrences.
His new show throws his character into a new world, forcing him to "learn and discover, but at kind of a rapid pace." Ultimately, this show entails lots of magic and juggling, but is a beautiful visual performance.
Kanick has taken his new knowledge from London and turned it into an American show. He aims not only to transfer new technique but also a new atmosphere.
He notes that he's "really taking back not only what I learned in the class but the different atmosphere and different environment [of London]."
He sees physical theater as the point where dance and drama meet. It is a mix of his past in ballet with his present in theatre. This new show is an exploration, designed, as Kanick puts it, "to find the hybrid between the two." His show is not merely a series of magic tricks. Rather, it is a multi-media performance, successfully mixing magic, dance, movement and theatre into a cohesive whole.
For more information on Geoff Kanick and his acts, visit - The Gonzaga Bulletin


His first main stage Illusion Show was titled: "MAGICK" (2007) since then Geoff has created other various shows:

-"Hypothesis" (2008)

-"Something About Fate, Chance, & Luck" (2009)

-"Perpetual Nonsense" (2010)

-"Delightfully Dangerous" (2010)

-"Ghostlight" (2010)

-NEW SHOW- "Geoff Kanick: More Than Magic" (2012)



Geoff Kanick is a Variety Entertainer who has performed magic, juggling, escapes, comedy, sideshow, and physical theatre in his series of one-man shows presented in a range of venues throughout the West Coast.

Born and raised in the Puget Sound area of Washington, Geoff has been involved in stage productions since the age of five, beginning his professional career at fourteen.  His formal training includes twelve years of classical ballet – including work with Tacoma City Ballet’s performing company in principle roles – and tutelage from top Las Vegas magicians.  

Geoff graduated from Gonzaga University with a BA in Theatre Arts having performed in numerous productions and winning awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.  He gained extensive experience in improv comedy with the collegiate troupe GUTS.

While still an undergraduate, Geoff trained at the London Dramatic Academy and later returned to London to attend the prestigious International Acting MA program at East 15 where he has studied voice, physical theatre, Shakespearean performance, and stage combat under world-renowned professionals. 

Currently, Geoff is preparing to tour his new show "Geoff Kanick: More Than Magic" throughout the US, which features a unique blend of New Circus, Improvised Comedy, Physical Theatre, and World Class Illusion.

For sneak peaks into the making of the show and to see what he's up to next follow Geoff on twitter: @LadderOnFace