Geoff Oelsner

Geoff Oelsner

 Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Acoustic folk with lyrics and tunes drawn directly from dreams and sung from the Cave of the Heart, backed by guitar, harmonium, harmonica, and Indian shruti box. All proceeds from CD's and live performances go to Native American and other nonprofits.


I grew up in Kansas City. I've been writing songs and poetry for 46 years. My first CD, Morning Branches, came out 5 years ago. Early
influences were Dylan, Bessie Jones from the Georgia Sea Islands, the Incredible String Band, and
my KC friend Maple Byrne.
I attended Oberlin College,
where I met my wife and part-time singing partner
Leslie Berman Oelsner. I've been performing since my early 20's. Now at 60, I usually include some bits of spoken or chanted poetry in my sets, as well as originals and covers. The quality of my lyrics
and my harp playing add to the uniqueness of my music.


CD--Morning Branches (2004)
CD--Ordinary Mystery (2009)

Set List

Mostly I do my own material,
songs with titles like Cherokee Trail Of Tears,
Pawhuska Poppa, Ordinary Mystery, Black Mountain Breakdown, Dordogne River Hymn, and The Listerner. I can do 3 sets of originals,
each set 40-45 minutes long.
I do covers as well, mostly old traditional folk and spirituals, Dylan, and a
big ol'grabbag of modern folk, with some accapella numbers thrown in. In many of my shows, I include singalongs and even a time for performances from audience members. sometimes I also read or chant poetry, depending on audience receptivity. I like to do benefits. I don't normally charge for my performances.