Geoff Ong

Geoff Ong

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL

Geoff Ong loves inside jokes, the ocean, longboarding, and those days when it’s just a little bit too hot. He also makes pop music which is bursting with fun, summery, instantly relatable tunes- a perfect soundtrack for fans of summer road trips, hanging out, and eating ice cream.


Geoff Ong is an excitable, optimistic 22-year-old with a guitar, a voice, and songs to sing. Geoff writes music influenced by pretty much everything, and inspired by friends, family, relationships, God, and the world around him. The resulting sound is bursting with fun, summery, instantly relatable pop tunes- a perfect soundtrack for fans of summer road trips, hanging out, and eating ice cream.

Geoff first began writing music in a short-lived garage band named The HyperHyders. They were pretty bad. After a while though, they realised this ('this' being the fact that they were pretty bad) and made a collective decision to get good. Since then, Geoff has been honing his art by playing, writing, and listening to as much music as possible.

After seeing some success with rock and roll band A.D.D in high school (they were even interviewed live on C4, just quietly), Geoff’s life moved into a shiny new chapter- university. The beginning of Geoff’s studies at university marked a new period in his musical development- new friends, new bands, and new possibilities. Being involved in as many as 6 bands at once, ranging from hardcore band East of Eden to the Queen City Big Band to the Auckland University Glee Club, it’s a wonder Geoff managed to fit in any papers at all. However, the combination of lack of sleep and unhealthy amounts of caffeinated beverages means that he has finally scored a degree in mechanical engineering. +1 intelligence!

While studying and playing in various bands, Geoff was also quietly developing his craft as a solo musician. A few months living in Taranaki saw Geoff come out of his shell- playing shows all over the region, and even managing to make it onto the local airwaves. Upon returning to his home of Auckland, he decided to take the prospect of being a solo musician more seriously, and has been gigging as often as possible ever since.

Geoff’s debut EP, Pictures, is now available! Having already received rave reviews in NZ Musician Magazine, Craccum Magazine, and on arts blog, Pictures is an EP which you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Pictures was performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered in various bedrooms around New Zealand, making it a truly independent project.

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- 2010 - 'Pictures' (5-track EP)
--> Featured as Album of the Week on KiwiFM 10-14 October 2011
--> Has had tracks played on KiwiFM, bFM, 4ZZZ in Brisbane, Australia