Geoffrey Hirschfeld

Geoffrey Hirschfeld


I sound like old springsteen, and the fervour of a religious revival, with a twist of modern folk rock.


My music is kinda like my musical career-a different team of mules hitched to a my wagon every few miles along the road. I am from back in the woods on the Washington coast, very close to Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Wa. While most of my friends bands are playing hard rock and hair metal, I have drawn hard on my influences from my youth to create the sound that makes my music what it is-Dylan, Springsteen, Woody Guthrie, Paul Simon, and many varied others to provide a unique brand of what I call 'country-folk' music that tells it like it is.I write songs about living in a small towne and living in a big world; but at the 2003 NY international music festival in Las Vegas, I was told by the entertainment director for the MGM Grand-"I know I am going to see you in a few years". Why? Because part of our human experience are the songs that we sing, and the things that we say in those songs are what define us. Are we going to continue to sing songs about nothing, mindless chatter? Or are we going to ask questions like, "Is it right to tell another man who he can love at the end of the day? Does he have to choose between joy and laugher, or a job to draw his pay?" I choose to define myself by writting songs that question the norm, and ask questions that make people look at themselves and be honest about where they stand.

Set List

My sets have been ranging about 1hr 25, going as follows:
Near or Far
Small Towne
See you again
Ahead by a century(Tragically hip cover)
Hallejulah(my own, not Jeff Buckley's)
It all comes down
Hangman's Road
Atlantic City
(Springsteen cover)
Open Lettre to a Soldier

And I have a few others that I usually throw around, finishing with "Ashes in the Rose Garden", which, even if I am playing a coffee house gig, I can usually get people to sing along, and my sets usually last about 1hr 15-1hr 25mins.