Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey Smith


A young singer song writer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Geoffrey Smith combines the experience from his travels with cold reality of his home to create unconventional folk music that draws upon diverse musical styles. He just recently released his first album Peace of Mind.


Learning to play in front of audiences from Delhi in India, England, and Germany to his home in Saskatoon. Geoffrey Smith is a singer songwriter that brings the experience of his travels to his music, yet has never been able to separate his unconventional folk style from the influence of his home. Growing up in the small prairie city of Saskatoon. A Canadian city boasting long frigged winters followed by hopeful springs and short summers. Following suit the music Geoffrey writes captures the cold of a Canadian winter while whispering slightly hopeful undertones that reflect the springtime thaw.

His first full length album, Peace of Mind, released in October of 2010 contains 9 tracks varying in style yet remaining focused in voice. From more standard folk tunes like, Move Your Feet, to the funk infused track, The Colours Run and the Sky Will Fall, the album is rich in diversity. While the 1st and 2nd Pirate Interludes focus on the tortured, yet prideful struggles of the seas outcasts. The title track Peace of Mind sums up the desire of the songwriter and his search for peace within himself and the inability to track down this sought after sanctuary.


LPs: Peace of Mind; Oct 2, 2010