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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Electronic




"Geoffroy, le coup de cœur de Pénélope!"

Geoffroy made his debut television on national television (Canada) on the 27th of July. The video was shared more than 750 times. This is the most shared video of the history of this tv show.

Video is only available in Canada. (Sorry for the screen capture and the text in the middle). - Émission Pénélope McQuade (Debut Live Television)

"Premiere: Geoffroy Takes us Through a Mesmerizing Vision For his Single "You Say""

Dangling under the glare of burgeoning stardom, Geoffroy is nothing short of pure gold in its musical form. Listening to Geoffroy for the first time was invigorating to say the least. It's not that his sound isn't familiar or anything, it's that there hasn't been a musical act like this coming from Montreal for as long as any of us can remember. You are easily going to get attached and feel for this kind of music because it is just so raw, so pure, and candid as can be.

His authentic vocals layered on top of acoustic and warm electronica sounds just naturally makes you want to pour out your own emotions on the table. While his music is nothing less than reminiscent of a road trip through your inner feelings, you can almost feel like he is singing through your soul when you listen to his debut single "You Say" for the first time. Taken from his forthcoming EP Soaked in Gold, this track was produced by Max-Antoine Gendron (of Prince Club) and deviates from any ofGeoffroy's previous style.

"I wanted to do something different for my fans who have been waiting for new music for a while. These four tracks [off the EP] came out naturally and are just the tip of the iceberg."

The release of the single is accompanied by a beautiful music video shot in Montreal and its surroundings, which you can watch for the first time above. We took the time to hit up Geoffroy and pick his brains to find out more about his official debut as an established artist, and all the plans for his upcoming EP release. Read through his soul after the jump:

IX: How would you describe GEOFFROY to fans that have never heard of you before?

G: I think my music is a reflection of myself; authentic, soulful, and pretty straight up (how modest). But writing and composing also allows me to let my darker side run loose and express, in songs, the things I'd keep for myself otherwise. I don't think my music is made to be categorized just because I'm not trying to fit in a certain pre-existing genre. I don't care much about what kind of music it sounds like as long as it makes me feel something when I play it. I pay as much attention to the beat, the instruments and the melodies as I do to the lyrics and my voice. I take nothing for granted and that explains why you'll notice new subtleties the 10th time you listen to a song, and so on.

IX: What type of music influences you the most when it comes to composing your originals?

G: I take inspiration from all types of genres from hip-hop to blues to folk and reggae. I grew up with Jack Johnson, Manu Chao and Bob Marley on repeat but most recently I've been listening to Chet Faker, Alt-J, Mac Demarco, Timber Timbre, Rhye, Bonobo, etc.
IX: You’ve already built yourself a solid fan base in Quebec. Do you think it was important for you to build from this already-existing hype? Or are you looking for a fresh new start ?

G: I'm very grateful for my fan base in Quebec. I think building a fan base at home is a crucial first step for an artist, but I'm getting antsy... I need to make my music travel a bit. As I am exploring a slightly different style now, this feels like a fresh start but it's really just the evolution of my work, of myself. Little Pikachu is growing into papa Raichu. I'm still learning, growing and exploring and it reflects in my work. I'm reaching out to the rest of Canada and the States now and hopefully my fan base will grow organically from here. Oh and if Australia wants a piece of it I wouldn't mind.

IX: Your first single off this EP is titled “You Say” - Why was it important to introduce your next EP with this track?

G: That is the one track off the EP that will get stuck in your head. It's also the one that, I think, is most accessible and that introduces the EP smoothly. Now the poetic answer is that "You Say" is the first song I composed for this project. It was written and recorded in one day (I still don't know how that happened) so there is something intangibly special about that track.

IX: What type of direction did you want to take for the music video? Where was it shot?

G: I wanted to leave the video open to interpretation and focus on the beauty of the visuals rather than the story. Half of it was shot in a day, during the very last snow storm of the winter. We found a perfect cabin hidden in the middle of the woods in Lanaudière, QC. We had to carry all the equipment on skidoos over a frozen lake and in between the woods. Everything fell into place magically (as it should). The other half was filmed on the very next day at different spots in Montreal. The change in weather was perfect and enhanced this beautiful contrast between solitude in the wild and the constant buzz of the city.

IX: You are a multi-instrumentalist. Do you utilize your variety of skills when it comes to composing your music?

G: I started composing at the piano rather than on guitar and it feels like I entered a brand new universe. The possibilities seem endless now, and inspiration has been flowing in constantly. I still love composing at the guitar but I feel like it can only do so much for me at this point.

IX: You’ve been collaborating with Max-Antoine from Prince Club on this EP. How did you guys meet, and how was the chemistry between the two of you when making the music?

G: Playing with new sounds and other instruments allows your creativity to run wild and opens so many doors it can be hard to focus and complete a piece. That's where Max-Antoine comes in, to guide me along the way and help me channel my creativity into something concrete and structured. Of course we butt heads constantly but we learned to compromise and listen to each other. After years of playing and composing on my own, it feels good to compose and share my world with someone so talented, disciplined and efficient. I wouldn't trade anything for those Ah Ha moments we have in sessions. We met through mutual friends about a year ago and Max was straight-up with me, which I respect a lot. The only thing annoying with him is that he puts tobacco in his joints...

"You Say" is available on iTunes on June 2nd: - IX Daily

"Geoffroy en pleine ascension"

Depuis son passage à la deuxième saison de La Voix, Geoffroy a découvert qu’il avait un public qui aimerait bien l’entendre. Aujourd’hui, il se consacre entièrement à la musique, joue la «game all in», comme il dit, et son premier extrait, You Say, commence à faire boule de neige.

Il y a un mois, Geoffroy lançait le vidéoclip et la chanson You Say, premier extrait d’un EP qui paraîtra cet automne. La pièce, fort accrocheuse, marie brillamment le folk à l’électro. Coup de cœur de l’émission de Pénélope McQuade, You Say s’est également immiscée la semaine dernière dans la compilation Sound of Summer, du Elle Magazine, distribuée à l’échelle mondiale. Sur les 25 chansons, seulement deux artistes canadiens en font partie.

«Ça arrive un peu de façon inattendue, confie-t-il à l’autre bout du fil. Mais je suis très content, je pense que j’ai de la chance.»

De la chance, peut-être, mais surtout une grande dose de talent et une personnalité distincte. Celui que le public a découvert sous le nom de Geoffroy Sauvé a joué du punk rock à l’adolescence avant de prendre un virage folk. Ses inspirations ratissent large: elles passent de Chet Baker, à Alt-J, en passant par Paul Simon et Bob Marley.

Une récente rencontre avec le DJ Max-Antoine Gendron, producteur de musique house et électro, a fait changer le cours des choses et a ajouté une dimension atmosphérique à sa musique. Ce son pop-électro-folk assumé se veut d’ailleurs le fil conducteur de ses prochaines créations.

«Il m’a dit qu’il aimait ce que je faisais, et qu’il voulait essayer de marier nos deux styles, explique-t-il. Ç’a donné You Say. C’est notre première chanson. Ce n’est pas toujours facile, parce que les deux on a des trucs qu’on veut garder.»

Un parcours atypique

Diplômé en gestion de l’Université McGill, Geoffroy possède également une maîtrise en «Music Business», qu’il est allé décrocher en Espagne. Il a joué de la musique pendant ses études un peu partout dans le monde, dont en Grèce, en Australie et en Asie, de quoi forger son expérience et son identité musicale.

Toujours avec un pied dans l’art et l’autre dans la gestion, Geoffroy a travaillé pour Juste pour rire et également dans le milieu du cinéma. Il gérait les lieux de tournage de X-Men, filmé à Montréal.

Maintenant, il nage à temps plein dans la musique. Avec les enjeux actuels de cette industrie, les EP sont plutôt tendance, quoi qu’il n’est pas impossible qu’il sorte un album complet non plus.

«Je vais voir la réponse du public. Je trouve qu’avec ce genre de musique là, dans le marché actuel, j’aime bien les EP. Ça permet d’explorer différents genres, et d’évoluer plus rapidement.»

La chanson You Say est disponible sur iTunes. - Journal De Quebec (Top readed newspaper in Quebec)


Still working on that hot first release.



Montreal-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Geoffroy has been building a strong fan base in Quebec. Acclaimed by the media for his authentic and unique style, he released a first single in june 2015.

Geoffroy’s new work sees his familiar folk vibe cross over to a more downtempo, electronica/trip-hop inspired sound, following the path of artists such as Chet Faker, Alt-J, or Banks. Speaking on why he chose to self-release a sole single at this time, Geoffroy says, “I wanted to do something different for me and my fans who have been waiting for new music for a while. This track came out  naturally and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. ” 

Having toured solo around Quebec in the summer of 2014, he is now going after other territories, meanwhile putting together his team.

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