Geordano Henriquez

Geordano Henriquez


A fresh, melodic, Spanish language rock with a pop sensibility and memorable, catchy melodies.


For Geordano Henriquez, music has always been about having something to say, in addition to something to play. Henriquez’s original, melodic ‘rock en Espanol’ has a musical quality enriched by the depth of his moving lyrics. As a result, this Boston-based singer-songwriter is one of the freshest sounds on the market today.

As a kid growing up in the Dominican Republic, Geordano was drawn to both the music – and the message – in the old LPs of romantic classics from his mother’s record collection. Later, as a teen growing up in Massachusetts, Geordano played bass with a church group and had the opportunity to travel to Mexico. One of the many people he met was a guy about his age who wanted to play music badly - but was unable to afford a bass (Geordano later gave him his). This meeting confirmed something Geordano had been feeling inside for some time: music is a powerful force, often even stronger than whatever circumstances we are dealt in life.

The trip to Mexico had a lasting impact on Geordano. When he returned to the states, he began writing constantly. These thoughts – about love, hope, broken dreams and social issues – were cathartic. Geordano began pouring his ideas into notebooks; eventually, they became song lyrics. As his passion for rock grew stronger; he and some friends formed the band Dedos. They quickly achieved a cult following, received considerable airplay and the song “Besos” – with music and lyrics by Geordano - was a regional hit.

The awesome reception that his project received and the happiness that Geordano found from interacting with crowds prompted him to embark on a solo career. By this time, Geordano had truly forged his own sound. His songs are both rhythmic and fiery – he is Latino, of course – but are also introspective and soulful: imagine Mana with an edge, or the best American rock with some Latin roots.

The response to Geordano’s music has been tremendous. He has performed in prestigious events including the Latin Pride National Awards (alongside international recording artists Domenic Marte, Negros and Anais) and gigged in NYC, Chicago and Connecticut. In Lowell, MA, Geordano was invited to perform for 4,000+ attendees at radio station “Power 800’s” annual concert. Santiago Matias, President of Latino News Latin Pride Magazine says, “There is no doubt of the tremendous talent Geordano has; the songs he composes are definitely a contribution to Latin music.”

Most recently, Geordano has been finishing his first solo CD, Todo Cambio, to be released in early 2007, which he co-produced with Bruce Andrews (Grateful Dead, Queensryche.) Featured on the CD is well-known Dominican guitarist Joel Solano; Geordano is backed in his live band by the equally gifted Guillermo Ortiz (guitarist for Mexican star Julieta Venegas). Todo Cambio is being mixed and mastered by Eu Jin Chan (Earth, Wind & Fire, Brian McKnight and Scott Storch), who says of Geordano, “He is an astounding artist with a natural talent in writing great memorable songs … with an amazing ability to deliver great dynamic vocals.” With upcoming national shows, steady radio airplay and interview requests from throughout the US and Latin America, not only does Geordano have something to say – a growing number of people are interested in hearing exactly what he will say next.



Written By: Geordano Henriquez

Besos 3:38

Estoy aqui sentado sin estar a tu lado
Esperando tu regreso
Yo sigo recordando cuando ahi nos conocimos
cuando agarrados de las manos caminamos al mercado
y tus ojos claros me decian yo te quiero.

Mandame tus besos por correo
una mirada por email
mandame tus besos por correo
Me hacen tanta falta tus caricias y tus labios
y hasta sueño con besarlos
Yo sigo recordando las locuras que vivimos
cuando saliamos de noche a escondidas por el pueblo
y tu pelo largo de imprudente entre los besos


Mandalo por UPS
Mandalo por el Fedex
Mandalo con quien tu quieras pero mandalo

Los años siguen pasando
Y lo unico que tengo es el recuerdo de tu amor
Yo seguire esperando a que tu vuelvas a mi lado
Solo te pido que
Solo te ruego que
Solo te pido que


Mandame tus besos
Mandame tus besos
Mandame tus besos amor
Mandame tus besos


Mandalo con la vecina,
con el tipo de la esquina
mandalo con quien tu quieras
pero mandalo, mandalo

Todo Cambio

Written By: Geordano Henriquez

Ha llegado el tiempo de
decir las cosas como son
dejar de darle vueltas a esta situación
entre nosotros.

Tu dices que estas muy bien
Y en realidad estas peor
No supiste valorar todo lo que hice por ti
por eso me voy

Todo cambio entre tu y yo
Nada es igual, nada es real
en este mundo todo tiene su final

Tu cambiaste y ya no hay mas que hablar



Lo que paso entre tu y yo
Quedo atras, hay que olvidar
el mundo gira y gira y mañana
volvere a empezar


"Besos" 1st single from the album "Todo Cambio" to be realeased in late 2007/early 2008. Song has received radio airplay in different scattered FM, AM & College Radio programs in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, internet radio and in Peru, Dominican Republic & Mexico.

Set List

Mostly original material, able to do full electric with full band, acoustic solo/duo, and acoustic/electric sets:

Original songs include:
Eres la duena
Tu y yo
Todo Cambio
La Plaga
Hoy empieza un nuevo dia
Por siempre
Un millon de Voces

Covers in both English & Spanish may include:
El Duelo (La Ley)
Corazon Espinado(Mana)
De Musica Ligera (Soda Stereo)
Harder to Breathe (Marroon 5)
Mejor no hablemos de amor (Enanitos verdes)
And others by bands like U2, Boobastank, Juanes, etc