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George Hrab

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Rock Singer/Songwriter




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The Broad Street Score
1. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
2. The Good Ol’ Days
3. God Is Not Great
4. When I Was Your Age
5. Heaven Must Be Boring
6. Atlanta
7. Skeptic
8. The More I Despise it Less
9. She Suffers from Superlatives
10. Disappointed
11. How Do You Do?
12. Small Comfort
13. Barney’s In The Vent
14. Never Knew

21812: George Hrab LIVE1. The Coelacanth Sighs
2. When I Was Your Age
3. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
4. Simple Simian
5. God is not Great
6. The Assumption
7. Ms. Information
8. 50 Stories
9. Speak To You
10. Think for Yourself
11. Subdivisions
12. Geo’s Mom Reads Jay-Z Lyrics
13. Convenient
14. Children on Airplanes
15. Atlanta
16. Age of the Fern
17. Shoe
18. Disappointed
19. Death from the Skies
20. brainsbodyboth
21. FAR
22. Happy Birthday Baby
23. Sciurus Carolinensis

Trebuchet 1.  God is not Great
2. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
3. Ms.Information
4. Fifty Stories
5. FAR
6. Remora
7. Sviatoslav Lobster
8. When I Was Your Age
9. Trebuchet
10. Atlanta
11. Death From the Skies
12. Never Knew
13. Hai Yookito ‘Ya
14. Where Have You Been?
15. One Hypnopompic Jerk
16. Small Comfort
17. Happy Birthday, Baby 

Interrobang 1. Blue Genes
2. Barney's in the Vent
3. The Assumption
4. 'Ya Famous?
5. Disappointed
6. Out of My Mind
7. ?
8. She Suffers from Superlatives
9. !
10. We're Looking for Something More Ethnic
11. Done Talking
12. Who Dogs the Outlet
13. Sciurus Carolinensis

Coelacanth. Brainsbodyboth
2. Think for Yourself
3. Heaven Must Be Boring
4. Simple Simian
5. Convenient
6. How Do You Do?
7. Lights Out
8. The Coelacanth Sighs
9. Goodbye

Vitriol1. Monkey Hip Dysplasia
2. Speak To You
3. Shoe
4. Psycho Killer
5. Irk
6. Nun
7. Swift Kick
8. Trial + Error
9. Bebop
10. Vitriol
11. Simple Simian
12. B3 (brainsbodyboth)
13. Cruel Spines
14. Skeptic

Minutiae1. Ockham's Shaving Kit
2. Trust Me
3. Triage
4. Soyuzivka
5. Litigious Bitch
6. For This You Went To College?
7. Stricken With Consumption...
8. The More I Despise It Less
9. Stigmata
10. Moses & Morty
11. Treadmill Anxiety
12. Minutiae (Sheer Brick AM)
13. There Is No (Part II of Skeptic)

[sic]1.Look at His Pants
2. Age of the Fern
3. Vaux Hall Straw
4. Roman
5. So What
6. Pluparenthetical Polka
7. Whyda Soes (The Vulgar Boatmen)
8. NC-17
9. Incompetent
10. [sic]
11.Monkey In the Middle




Best known in his home town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as the longtime drummer for The Philadelphia Funk Authority, George is internationally beloved as the sparkling personality behind more than 750 episodes of The Geologic Podcast. Ranging in tone from incredibly serious to unbearably silly, his award-winning show features weekly musings about science, music, comedy, and life at large.

Also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, George has written and released seven albums—[sic] , Minutæ, Vitriol, Coelacanth, Interrobang, Trebuchet, and 21812—as well as a full-length, live concert film. His funny, clever, and often thought-provoking songs draw on a panoply of styles and influences ranging from Ellington’s A-Train to Zappa’s Zombie Woof.

In addition to his recordings, George wrote, produced, and performed the live stage show, Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table—a 118-song cycle featuring one tune for each element of the periodic table. In celebration of his 20 years recording albums, he produced The Broad Street Score, a re-imagining of his most popular compositions arranged for string quartet and voice.

George’s commitment to science communication has led him to emcee countless conferences and conventions all over the world, including The Reason Rally on the mall in Washington DC, The Amaz!ng Meeting and CSICON in Las Vegas, The Australian Skeptics National Convention in Sydney,  LogiCal-LA in Los Angeles, Q.E.D. in Manchester, and NECSS: The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism. He’s been a TEDx speaker (Rethinking Doubt: The Value and Achievements of Skepticism) and has presented multiple talks about the importance of critical thinking, science appreciation, dealing with grief, and popular culture.

With a knack for quick-witted improv and a deep appreciation of history and trivia, George is also co-creator and host of both the multi-generational game show, Boomer vs. Zoomer and the touring educational roadshow, A Skeptical Extravaganza of Special Significance. He has published two books of humorous essays (Non-Coloring Book, and Spiritual Healing & Balance Through Colonic Regularity) on subjects ranging from new suggestions for Pantone color names and the possible benefits of using a metric calendar, to the awesomeness of Elaine Stritch and the repercussions of punching a horse.

During the pandemic, George launched a streaming series entitled Seven Songs with George Hrab, in which he performs and expounds the theory, history, and trivia of seven songs around a common theme: anything from odd time signatures to “secret” cover tunes, to great bridges, 80’s hits, yacht rock, and even James Bond.

Never one to sit still, George is currently working on his eighth album of original material, with a release planned for later this year.

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