George & Mike

George & Mike


innovative, captivative, imaginative and everything in between. it's not a sound that's made- it's a feeling


You ever in your head, made up a song or your own remix to a beat on the radio? Remember that perfect bassline you added, with the perfect claps n high hats n shakers n how every random sound you can think of all rode together like the perfect little mixture? And how crazy was it, to allow your mind to make up a group of sounds so perfect for eachother, all the while creating the ultimate feeling. We do the same thing, but only throw it in a studio. Allow us to introduce ourselves....

George was born in San Antonio, TX, but lived and visited in some of the most inspiring and creative places around the world. From Germany to France, from Austin to Houston, from LA to NYC- his imagination has forumulated a mixture so captivating, so different. His music is an experience not to be missed.


- Sensitive
- Body Buzz
- Overcome
Sasha - Mongoose (George Reyna Remix) [emFire]
Marrow - Upon Yourself (George Reyna Remix) [Invisible Records]

Set List

Erphun - 2wo Butterflies (Quivver Remix)
Faithless - Music Matters (Mark Knight Dub)
Layo & Bushwaka! - Raw Road
Trafik - Your Light (Luke Chable Remix)
Alucard - Lighthouse
Watkins - Black AM (King Unique Remix)