George Burton

George Burton


honest, real music made using real microphones up against real amps with real guitars and real drums - it is the real deal (man!)


George has literally been playing in bands “forever” and has gained a wealth of experience on the live circuit and in the recording studio. Song-writing has been an important creative outlet for George ever since he figured out how to play his second chord. A self-taught guitarist, he soon moved onto piano, drums, bass, vocals, and more recently the ukulele and sitar!

George works as a solo artist, bringing musicians into each project "as and when required". He developed his skills as a studio engineer and producer during his time as a band member and key driver of their musical project and his intuitive flair in both areas is evident in the quality of recorded output.

George has also worked as a radio producer and engineer, overseeing sessions with international artists such as Paul Weller, Joan Baez, Gabriel and Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook, during the Freakpower period.

Recently, George was chosen from almost 6000 artist entries as a top ten finalist at the prestigious ‘O2 Undiscovered’ competition, where he performed the song ‘Hey There’ from his “1965” album live in front of a notable panel of industry heavy weights, including Simon Gavin head of AR at Polydor/AM, Lisa Verrico (The Times), Paul Jones (ex Elastica) and Music Week editor, Ajax Scott. All of the panellists had positive things to say about both the chosen song and the performance. The results were recently shown on Channel 4 UK.

During a break away from making his own music, George was asked to take part in a modern art installation in Newcastle by internationally renowned artist Candice Breitz as part of her Plastic Ono Band study. The exhibition was featured on BBC’s Culture Show and is on show at the Baltic Centre in Newcastle running until January 2007 and at the BAWAG FOUNDATION
in Vienna exhibiting from 14 December 2006 to 28 February 2007.

Currently writing and arranging his next album, scheduled for release in May 2007 and titled “Studio 2”, George will fulfil another of his ambitions by recording it at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London.


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