"psychedelic electronic dream pop/rock"


"This is playful psychedelia filled with low budget keyboards, fizzy effects, lazy vocals, tinkling strings and other groovy things."
Wire Magazine UK 2006

George&Caplin's "psychedelic electronic shoegaze folk" music is best appreciated by examining the basic elements of rock n' roll and experimental music. Without the aid of laptops or fancy sequencing programs, they stay true to early pioneers such as Brian Eno using a variety of instruments (guitars, trumpet, vintage keyboards, samplers, re-wired kids' toys, melodians, vcr tape, and vocals) to create a collage of warm pastoral sounds. George&Caplin's compositions seek to bridge the gap between rock/folk melodies and experimental sensibilities while dealing with the modern day issue of how to create "analogue" soundscapes in a "digital" era.

George&Caplin began conceptually 25 years ago when Jason and Jeffrey became best friends while conducting lab experiments on their little sister's Cabbage Patch Kids. Their friendship has manifested itself creatively in several endeavors, but it was in 2001 that they began to dabble sonically. Jeffrey, fresh out of Art School, was composing electronic music and DJ'ing music on the local "Indy Rock" station. Jason was at the same time experimenting with his own style of guitar playing. Both bored of genre restrictions, they decided to team up and apply their childhood nostalgia, their love of Alfred Hitchcock movies, and their new "big kid" toys to form George&Caplin.

In the last few years, the duo has managed to release four successful LPs, play everywhere from Contemporary Art Museums to large capacity Rock Venues, and was even honored on one of Pitchfork Media's "Best of 2003" lists. Recently signed to Portland, Oregon's own Beta-Lactam Ring Records they plan to continue their tradition of bedroom recording elegance. They have been included on major compilations released by Nobot Media, Public Service Records, Sherbert Magazine, and the Denver Contemporary Museum of Art's Sonic Biennial.


2007 - "He Really Got Through to Advertising" (blrrecords)
2007 - "Non-Linear Reinterpretations" (various artists: remix album)
2006 - "Things Past" (blrrecords)
2004 - "Electronic Eulogy (From Morse Code Infinity)"
2003 - "Fate's First Lonely Night"
2002 - "The Nature of Leaving" LP
2001 - "The Lost Basement" EP

Set List

::Typical Set::
Railway Yearn
Highway Driveway
Silhouettes Astray
Lover's Sigh
Nebraska Broadcasters
He Really Got Through to Advertising

"Pancho and Lefty"...Townes Van Zandt
"Hey Yeah"...Outkast