George Carver

George Carver

 Austin, Texas, USA

Irving Berlin meets Lou Reed at Muddy Water's house.


“George Carver brings old-school steel guitar and Modern Agriculture to The Netherlands!”

“ . . . music suited to a small club where people sit down for a good drink, a good cry and good music.”
--CMJ New Music Report


Ethel Rosenberg

Written By: George Carver

I'm sorry but now at least you know
truth is elusive at its best
never less alone than when alone
Cicero you should know
that girl made a liar out of you
never less alone than when alone

So we quietly culture our addictions
and best one another at the sport
never less alone than when alone
I'm not glad to see what it's done to me
I got hooked hut I never got caught
never less alone than when alone


God the Mother
Blues Von Der Erde
Down at the Zoo

Set List

We cover way too much ground. Originals are the mainstay but we work the field from Monk to Muddy.