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"Get it on by George Casey"

Get it on by George Casey
author: Konny Ø. Christensen
Great singer, great music, just love it, i want more from you!! :)

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"George Casey's music is inspired by the valley"

Singer/songwriter George Casey will soon release his debut album with his title track "Get it on," which was written in Pembroke and inspired by the Ottawa Valley.

A Pembroke native, Mr. Casey is currently living in Toronto and recently signed a record deal with Prism Music/Universal to produce his first CD.

Growing up in Pembroke, Mr. Casey went to school in the French school system and attended high school at Centre Scolaire Catholique Jeanne-Lajoie.

He said he began "dabbling" with the electric guitar when he was a youth and eventually taught himself how to play.

About five to six years ago his music career become serious.

Growing up, he said he listened to an eclectic mix of music, including bands Black Sabbath, David Bowie and Soundgarden. His album collection also contains other musicians such as country singer Willie Nelson and classical composer Mozart.

In the mid 90s, Mr. Casey made the move to Toronto to be a part of the city's music scene.

With the encouragement of friends and peers, Mr. Casey decided to take his music to the next level.

He said before becoming a professional musician, he worked in the financial sector but found it wasn't what he wanted to do.

He began writing songs, he said, when a friend asked why he would want to play other artist's music.

"That was a really inspiring statement to me and it really got the ball rolling," he said. "When I started writing it came relatively easy to me. I was quite pleased."

Mr. Casey described his music as rock alternative with a radio-friendly sound. "It's relatively original," he said.

Last year, he decided to take a break from the big city and moved back to Pembroke for six months. During his time here, he produced several songs for his new album "Get it on", including the title track.

"I needed a change in perspective...reacquaint myself with my roots," he said. "I love the Ottawa Valley."

Mr. Casey has two brothers still living in the area, as well as his extended family. "My family has been super supportive," he said.

While in the city, Mr. Casey also performed at local venues. "It was also a trip to hone my performance skills," he said.

In Toronto, he and his band have played at many well-known night clubs, including Lee's Palace, The Cameron House, the Velvet Underground and The Silver Dollar.

Besides his music, he also works at the popular The Mod Club in Toronto as a sound technician.

"I'm doing what I really want to do," he said. "It's a lot of fun."

"Get it on" is set to be released in January.

Mr. Casey said it took him about three years to write and record the album.

To coincide with the release, he plans to record and release a music video by the end of the year.

In the spring, he said he plans for a cross- Canada tour.

Ultimately, he said, he would like to land an international record deal so he could tour worldwide. He would also like to spend some time in New York City, he said.

"It's all about getting the product out there, which is me and my music," he said. "I've got a real opportunity here."

He said the key to his success has been his perseverance, hard work a little bit of luck.

"I think growing up in Pembroke was invaluable," he said. "And it did inspire a few songs as well
- Pembroke Daily News?

"George Casey "Get It On""

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"George Casey - 'Get It On' (Prism Music)"

A strange one this. I did gasp a little when I saw the cover art because it doesn't really say much about what might be on offer inside the cd case. I did fear some sort of raki or alternative sound effects music, you know the ones you find in health shops next to the sounds of whales and dolphins......

Thankfully it wasn't quite like that. As the laser scanned the grooves and the guitars broke out I could sit back and relax. Some of these songs sound really good and I like the punky edge to the guitars on the more uptempo tracks; some of the vocals are pretty decent as well. Track two - 'Lets Go Out' - reminds me of the Flamin Groovies and the riff has 'Shake Some Action' all over it which isn't a bad thing at all. Definitely in the Only Ones sort of ballpark this album, with a similar sort of mix in the music which is great. 'Moonless Nights' being a good example of the more uptempo songs on offer with a nice piano line rolling along with the raw guitar sound.

George hails from Toronto (which is no bad thing especially as the Pariahs come from there and they're ace) which obviously delivers some decent underground rock 'n' roll. It's guitar-driven alternative rock and roll folks if I had to lump it into a genre for you, nothing more nothing less. 'Tear' and its wistful lament and acoustic guitars stands out as does more uptempo stuff like album closer 'Out Of Sight' and 'Right The First Time' with its inspiring bit of slide that sits nicely in the song as it drifts along.

All in all a pretty decent debut album as it goes with bits of some great bands here and there in the flavour of the album, ranging from the Stones through the Flamin Groovies and even a bit of The Kinks and The Only Ones to name a few. Good work Mr Casey, I think I like it so let's get it on indeed.

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Written by Dom Daley
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 - Uber Rock

"GEORGE CASEY 'Get It On' (2010)"

Canadian singer/songwriter George Casey has been gaining a live reputation in his native Toronto and now releases his debut album. Tasty slide playing, some lovely acoustic passages and a couple of sure fire radio hits (check out 'Moonless Nights' and 'Get It On') make for an interesting listen. Played live these songs would reach their full potential as they have plenty of room for impromtu solos.

If blues rock meets classic rock tickles your musical tastebuds then George Casey will be one for you.

Jason Ritchie -


Debut Album "Get It On" Prism/Universl Music Canada
Various tracks getting radio play across Canada, including special features.



A self taught guitarist, singer and composer, Casey’s diverse influences, result in a unique rock / alternative sound. The debut album, "Get It On" mixes a guitar driven retro influenced style with a distinctive pacing and delivery.