George Casino

George Casino

BandR&BHip Hop

My music is Urban melodies with no samples used and mixed tempos compared to the Neptunes, Dr Dre, Just Blaze, and Kanye West. I am very creative, versatile, electrifying, and unpredictable. I work hard and put my heart and soul into my music from creating on an empty canvas to the master creation.


George Young a.k.a. George Casino, was born in Toledo, OH and raised in Atlanta, GA. George Casino has been compared to producers like Timbaland and the Neptunes. George is an unsigned artist, but still dedicated to his work. He grew up poor in a family with his mother, four sisters, and two brothers, it was hard to keep food on the table, let alone pay rent. June 2006, George was in a car accident breaking his left leg, right arm, fractured his skull in two places, broke the front bone in his forehead, and punctured his left lung. After recovering, he went back into music making beats working with artists such as Tru Logicc, New Breed, and Klean. His music is Hip Hop and R&B based. George is going to expand into many other genres in the near future. George says, "If it wasn't for God I don't know where I would be. God has blessed me with this talent to use it and bless others through my music." Be on the lookout for George Casino because he is coming full throttle.


Westcoast RnB, Cleon, Sexy Southern Sistaz, Crank One, Play On, Mob On, Midwest Swingin