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The best kept secret in music


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George Cochrane - "The White Pinecone" CD - Dinner Party Records (June 2007)


Andrew Phelan & Origami - "The Beat Down" 12" - Prismatic (2007)
Andrew Phelan & Origami ft. Audio Angel - "Funky Shiz" 12" - Prismatic (2007)
Origami & Andrew Phelan - "Beyond the Line" 12" - Eight-Tracks (2007)
Origami & Andrew Phelan - "Dusted Roots Vol 3" 12" - Dusted Roots (2007)
Origami & Andrew Phelan ft. Brown - "Cross the Pond" 12" - Drop Music (2007)
The Fingermonsters - "Cornelius McFang EP" 12" - Monsta (2007)
Origami & Andrew Phelan - "The Purple Drink EP" 12" - Fizzin' (2007)
Origami & Andrew Phelan - "Dusted Roots Vol 2" 12" - Dusted Roots (2006)
Andrew Phelan & Origami - "Dusted Roots Vol 1" 12" - Dusted Roots (2006)
Andrew Phelan & Origami ft. Brown - "We Carry On" 12" - Prismatic (2006)
Brown, Origami & Andrew Phelan - "Don't Ever Stop" 12" - Prismatic (2006)
Origami & Andrew Phelan - "Sampler Vol 1" 12" - So Sound (2006)
Cubik & Origami CD- Wide Hive (2005)
Cubik & Origami EP I - Wide Hive (2005)
Cubik & Origami EP II - Wide Hive (2005)
Sound Navigators - "The Vibe" 12" - Andrew Phelan & Origami remix - Olive Records (2005)
dj2 - "plural" w/ Mazi remix 12" - Pancake (2004)
Insider Traitors - "Need You Tonight" 12" (2004)
dj2 - "another" // "continuum" 12" - newstylesound recordings (2002)
dj2 - "workitout" // "plural" 12"- newstylesound recordings (2001)

Many of these tracks or songs are featured on compilations including offerings by Fabric London, Shanghai Lounge, Journeys By DJ and NYC Lounge. Origami and Andrew Phelan tracks are regularly featured on "The Move", XM radio's premier house music station. Cubik and Origami's 2005 debut found its way onto numerous college radio playlists and remains a favorite to this day on many downtempo/instrumental hip hop shows on FM and streaming radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


George Cochrane grew up in Santa Cruz, California, surrounded by tall trees and the sparkling ocean. His musical journey began in a short-lived high school metal band playing bass, which was quickly abandoned when he moved on to play in a variety of jazz, punk, and funk bands. In 1997 George caught the electronic music bug and passionately threw himself into the world of house music and downtempo.

Under the name “Origami”, George released several well-received house and downtempo records with Andrew Phelan and Cubik, and played countless live shows alongside a variety of acts including Greenskeepers, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Land Shark. However, after years of collaborative electronic music production, George started to miss his days as a solo songwriter. Indie rock had gotten a whole lot more interesting since he’d jettisoned it in the late 90’s; maybe it was time for a rematch.

Shacking up in his San Francisco studio, George began to piece together the bits that would eventually make up The White Pinecone. Armed with finely honed electronic production skills, considerable instrumental ingenuity, and an array of emotions to get off his chest, surprising things began to spark.

Hip-shaking live drums and interlocking guitars turn sweaty numbers like "Click Clack Click" and "Proving Nothing" into late-night burners, while George's vocals coo and purr over an elastic electronic bounce on "Snowed In" and "You Don't Know Me". Sleekly slipping from electro-infused synth pop to shoegaze and disco, The White Pinecone's facets shine brightly with a compellingly gritty edge.