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George Duron @ The Hut w/The Summer Wardrobe

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Tucson, Arizona, USA

George Duron @ Q-Time w/The Summer Wardrobe

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

George Duron @ Ray's Bar w/The Summer Wardrobe

Marfa, Texas, USA

Marfa, Texas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


In a better world, Dumptruck would have been heroes of the college rock boom of the 1980s -- both Seth Tiven and Kirk Swan were great songwriters, they were an impressive guitar team (when Swan left the group, Tiven also proved he could more than handle the songs by his lonesome), and they made three quite-good-to-truly-great albums between 1984 and 1988. While the edgy anxiety that fueled Dumptruck's best music wasn't that much stronger than that of the other angst merchants of the day, it sounded real and honest enough to make certain dabblers wary, but the real killing blow for the band came after the release of their best, and best-selling album, 1988's For the Country. Tiven and company learned that their record company, Bigtime Records, was trying to sell their contract to a major label when in fact their obligation to Bigtime had already lapsed. Tiven and his lawyer dutifully reported this fact to the major in question, and Bigtime responded by suing Dumptruck for a cool five-million bucks. While Dumptruck would eventually prevail in court and record again, the damage to their career was tremendous -- by the time their fourth album, Days of Fear, came out in 1994, most folks were convinced the band had broken up, and they never recovered the buzz they were building in the late '80s. The band's first three album fell out of print during the lawsuit (they've since been reissued), and their three later albums were never easy to find, making it hard to establish an informed opinion about their repertoire, but Haul of Fame: A Collection is a career-inclusive compilation that finally shows Dumptruck the respect they richly deserve -- featuring representative cuts from all their albums, Haul of Fame captures the heady tension and release of their best music, and collects 20 college radio staples that should have been, from the raging paranoia of "Bad Day" to the pre-alt-country leanings of "Friends," and the limber charge of "Secrets," Dumptruck always delivered the goods on disc, and Haul of Fame offers 75 minutes of vital proof.4 stars by Mark Deming - Mark Deming, AMG Allmusic Guide

Dumptruck, 'Terminal' (Devil in the Woods)

Dumptruck's leader, Seth Tiven, deserves some sort of award for perseverance. The longtime Austinite has gone to hell and back with lineup changes, lawsuits, dysfunctional record companies and other unpleasantness, yet he and his band continue to make quality music. Terminal, Dumptruck's first release in four years and second in eight, is full of Tiven's doleful and introspective lyrics mixed with solid guitar crunch and lilting melodies. The lead track, "Forever," starts things off with a blast of guitar that melds anger, loss, and regret with the tune's lyrics. "Still Been Had," meanwhile, is a slice of Crazy Horse-influenced Americana with swirling guitar and a depressing outlook. The two sides of the band's personality are given full treatment on "Tear It Down," as ferocious a guitar assault as the local group has ever recorded; "Turpentine" is as pensive as Tiven has ever been, a shimmering jewel of melancholy steel guitar and odd effects, augmented with pretty harmony vocals from Sara Hickman. Dumptruck is indeed a band these days, with George Duron on drums, bassist Jeff Farris, and guitarist Alan Durham assisting Tiven, but he's still called in a host of well-known friends to augment the band's sound. Besides Hickman, Ian McLagan, Charlie Sexton, Jimmy Ryan (ex-Blood Oranges), and original Dumptruck member Kirk Swan all make appearances, attaching bits to the band's sound and taking it places it's never been, while retaining the core of what they've always been about.

3 stars -- Jim Caligiuri
- Jim Caliguiri--The Austin Chronicle

Dumptruck, 'Lemmings Travel to the Sea' (Devil in the Woods)

What kind of band would cover one of the longest and most bitter songs Bob Dylan ever wrote? Probably a band with a lyrical yet venomous sound, a fairly dark worldview, and enough dedication to remember all those lyrics. That was Dumptruck in the ’80s, and their version of " Idiot Wind " (recorded at CBGB in 1988 and just released on this half-live/half-studio double disc) is a jaw dropper, with twin guitars blazing and a vengeful vocal from leader Seth Tiven. If Dylan had written the song early enough to play it at that infamous electrified " Royal Albert Hall " show, it would have sounded like this.

The live disc, which features both the original line-up with co-leader Kirk Swan and the later one with budding guitar hero Kevin Salem, stands as the definitive word on why this then-local band are remembered so fondly, and a reminder that Dumptruck mastered the art of wedding bleak lyrics to liberating songs long before grunge came along. Included are most of their local hits ( " Watch Her Fall, " " Back Where I Belong " ) — which, thanks to battles with their old label, have been unavailable for years. The new studio disc is the second Tiven has recorded since forming a new version of the band in Austin, and some of that city’s influence has now slipped in: the sound’s a bit more textured and countrified, with more guitar/organ interplay, and the songs are often surprisingly pretty. There’s also a slightly more hopeful tone in the words, though the anti-music-biz " Waste My Time " sounds exactly like the old band at their best.


4 stars - Brett Milano--The Boston Phoenix

Dumptruck, Lemmings Travel to the Sea (Devil in the Woods).

Expanding their guitar roots and moving into the Americana sphere, Dumptruck, led by songwriter and vocalist Seth Tiven, has shaped a contemporary roots rock record nearly 20 years after forming. Having relocated from Boston to Austin, shades of off-center drawl and a loose spin on Americana drives tracks like "Curse" and the guitar screamers "Waste My Time," "Security," and "Faithless" return to the old school of Green on Red and Dream Syndicate. The package includes a bonus CD filled with live material from 1986 and 1988 (the Dumptruck heyday) displaying the band's impeccable taste and foresight in covers: Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and "Idiot Wind," Neil Young's "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere," and cult band the Embarrassment's "Sex Drive." Some songs never go out of style — the same can be said of Dumptruck.

Denise Sullivan - AMG All Music Guide,,2101-2563101.html

The Summer Wardrobe
Rainbow Quartz RQTZ135

Rainbow Quartz specialises in retro guitar sounds, and Austin's Summer
Wardrobe are a worthy new signing. The quintet suggest a 1970s bar band, viewed through a pleasingly distorted prism, and summon up the ghosts of the forgotten American acid revivalists the Rain Parade and their country cousins Dumptruck, combining classicrock shapes with wistful romanticism.

The opening track, Ned Kelly, maintains a driving momentum despite a snowstorm of swooning pedal steel. Nine more addictive servings of lysergic roots music straddle the 10-minute Outcry in the Barrio, where the Summer Wardrobe enter psychedelic snake-charming territory. SL - Times of London


In forming their band, the Summer Wardrobe, guitarist Jon Sanchez and pedal steel guitarist John Leon seem to have been interested in pursuing the sonic possibilities of combining their respective instruments with Sanchez's tenor voice, and that turns out to be a mixture that evokes a lot of the country-rock sounds of the 1970s. If the band has an immediate antecedent, it's Poco, particularly in its days with Timothy B. Schmit, whose voice Sanchez matches, just as Leon seems chiefly influenced by Poco's steel guitar player, Rusty Young. At times, especially early on during this self-titled debut full-length album (which follows an EP that was really long enough to be considered an album), the Summer Wardrobe recall more pop/rock acts, such as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ("Ned Kelly") and Dwight Twilley ("Sparkle and Fade"), in their allegiance to jangle pop. Later on, things get more exploratory; four of the last five tracks (before the brief hidden track at the end) are in the seven- to ten-minute range and find Leon stretching out into spacy improvisations on his instrument, achieving an effect akin to what the New Riders of the Purple Sage might sound like if they actually tried to play like the Grateful Dead. The members of the Summer Wardrobe are wise to realize that their various '70s models did not exhaust all the options of melodic, pedal steel-dominated country-rock, and they suggest some new avenues for investigation. Meanwhile, Sanchez writes some good songs that are more than just vehicles for the fancy fretwork. - William Ruhlmann--Allmusic Guide

The Summer Wardrobe

(Rainbow Quartz Records)

Austin's Summer Wardrobe — singer-guitarist Jon Sanchez, John Leon on pedal steel, drummer George Duron and bassist Marty Hobratschk — incorporates its previous "Sometimes Late at Night" EP into a self-titled full-length debut to yield one of the finest melancholic dream pop releases of 2006.

Sanchez's prowess as a frontman and lead guitarist is singular as it weaves together flourishes of 1960s psychedelic rock, broader strokes of 1970s pop and crestfallen vocal melodies that at once sound original and faintly familiar.

Clocking in at more than 10 minutes, "Outcry in the Barrio" is the album's pièce de résistance. Moody instrumental intrigue crescendos over five minutes before a well-crafted melody and harmony — between the pedal-steel guitar and vocal line — claim the forefront.

A few songs from Sanchez's previous Austin space-rock band the Flying Saucers, including "Starball Contribution" and the plaintive "One More Try" get a Summer Wardrobe revision. "Redbook" — also a Saucers' number — is an understated gem that shows Sanchez's gift for penning country standards is just as strong as his rock compositions.

This one of those albums that inexplicably sounds sonically heightened when played during the darkened hours between sunset and sunrise; it will make the perfect soundtrack to your next overnight drive through West Texas, preferably under the Marfa lights.

— V. Marc Fort - V. Marc Fort--Austin American Statesman

Review from Americana website in Netherlands
Category: Music

Dutch to English translation (it's free, so not very accurate. If you have access to a better one, feel free to share.)

The Summer Wardrobe - The Summer Wardrobe ( ♣♣♣♣ stars)
Was 2006 the year of The Hiders, 2007 sometimes the year of The Summer Wardrobe could. Although not particularly altcountry this splendid debut will address many aanHanxelijke man and women. Jon Sachez, which The Summer Wardrobe set up with steelgitarist John Leon (drummer George Duron followed already complete fast and bass player Marty Hobratschk completed vervolgens what later the set of four), say it this way: "Some or our stuff are not very country, but because or the stalk guitar, it has that high lonesome thing." Thus, that seems me 1-0 for the progressieven against the purists. That high lonesome thing, are possible you more beautiful saying?! Contextually defined you are able speak of a mixture of The Byrds (jingle jangle jet ears), Mercury Rev (without the feeërieke element) and label-enjoyed Cotton Mather (already is The Summer Wardrobe much less experimental). Traditional countryrock are discover moreover also really in the music of The Summer Wardrobe. The group brought in 2005, long ep from (of almost forty minutes!) of what 5/5 on this debuut to find is. That with sixty-five minutes also stipulated on the short side is not. The long numbers such as Outcry in The bar Rio (10.35), Daisy Cutter (9.11) and One More Try (7.25) contain improvisaties where especially the jet ear and the pedal stalk sexy solicit do. Because real, what makes a sensual music The Summer Wardrobe! Where inevitably also darkness is part of. George Bataille considered ' compressing ' those follow on the orgasm not for nothing as ' small death '. At the same time the music of The Summer Wardrobe seems an impenetrable have core. The slow Texanen (that with regard to jet ear lines also affinity know with their state-enjoyed Explosions in The Sky) seem play something gone and to sing that the auditor, himself also does not know them, just like but recognises. Dylan's for the Jones does not look at now to the street but glances in its soul. To understand this way little of it net. Because of this, but also by the splendid production of Mark Addison, which does not fear the link give it irrisistible of headstock, a status of slowly growing obtains The Summer Wardrobe driven. For everyone who must cry sometimes if he or she attracts the socks. And she at night sometimes smiling takes off. (Wim Boluijt) - Wim


Potters Field 'Live at the Outhouse' Indie 1994
Killing America 'Killing America' Indie 1996
Killing America 'Six Holes in His Chest' Indie 1996
Dumptruck 'Terminal' Devil in the Woods 2000
Dumptruck 'Lemmings Travel to the Sea' " " 2001
Summer Wardrobe 'Sometimes Late at Night' 2005
MAD6 'The Aerie Sessions' India 2005
Dumptruck 'Haul of Fame:A Collection'Rykodisc 2006
Seth Tiven 'Solitude' Self-Released 2006
Andrew Duplantis & the Unfaithfuls 'Colorblind' 2006
The Summer Wardrobe (self) Rainbow Quartz 2006
Rich Hopkins 'Horse I Rode In On' Blue Rose 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Aside from his duties with the bands listed below, George also plays on occasion with John Wesley Harding, Abra Moore, The Sand Rubies, Rich Hopkins & the Luminarios, Seth Tiven, Billy Harvey. The Summer Wardrobe has been slated to be the backing band for Roky Erickson (& Evil Hook Wildlife E.T.) at a special outdoor show in June @ Battery Park in NYC, as well as regional US tours and the UK later this year in support of their Rainbow Quartz self-titled debut.).

Dumptruck...Formerly Boston, now Austin-based, Dumptruck was, for a brief moment, among the favorites of U.S. college radio in the mid '80s. A combined jangly power pop sound of the Southern alternative scene with intelligent lyrics and a
melancholy twist. The band has released 6 studio records as well as the critically-acclaimed 'Haul of Fame: A Collection' on Rykodisc in March 2006. Recording for the 7th studio album is underway w/basic tracks done at The Bubble Studio in Austin in March '07, and a release date tentatively slated for early 2008. Orginal songwriters, Seth Tiven and Kirk Swan collaborating after 20 years apart.

The Summer Wardrobe...With the release of their debut album, Sometimes Late At Night, the band has embarked on a path of psychedelic soul and ambient southern rock. The band's founding members, Jon Sanchez and John Leon, both seeking their own outlet, brought in George Duron (of John Wesley Harding and Dumptruck) and bassist Brad Houser (of The New Bohemians and Critters Buggin'). The band gained national recognition by backing Abra Moore at last year's Austin City Limits Music Festival and was signed to NYC-based Rainbow Quartz International after their showcase at the 2006 SXSW Festival. Their self-titled debut was released in September 2006 and has garnered critical acclaim at home & abroad.

Andrew Duplantis & The Unfaithfuls...Fronting his own band, perennial sideman Andrew Duplantis (Son Volt, Meat Puppets, Bob Mould, Richard Buckner) works mostly in watercolor. The most unique and distinguishable characteristic of this band is its rhythmic imprint and its orchestrated 3 guitar attack which gives the band an alternately powerful and at times delicate sound. The band just released it's full-length debut record, 'Colorblind' on the Oscar Jackson International inprint and is recording another full-length record in the spring of 2007 to be released later this year.

Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves...Sally Crewe's 2003 debut, Drive It Like You Stole It, was a charming underdog of an album, but the prominent role of stateside pals Britt Daniel and Jim Eno left some wondering how heavily its pop smarts were Spoon-fed. (CMJ) She is currently back in Jim Eno's studio w/her power trio, George Duron on drums and Matt Baab on bass, and a batch of new songs. Release date tentatively slated for later this year on Matador offshoot, 12XU.

Rich Hopkins & Luminarios...Known for his work in the '80s with the Sidewinders and in the '90s with the Sand Rubies, guitarist and songwriter Rich Hopkins formed his own band Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios in the early '90s. Based out of Tucson, AZ, the band has released a dozen records on German-based Blue Rose Records as well as a half dozen records on his own label, San Jacinto Records. The 10th and most recent European tour was a success and the band also embarked on a short tour in Paraguay, South America in the Spring of 2006. Their latest studio album, 'The Horse He Rode In On' was released on Blue Rose Records in November 2006.