George Hakkila

George Hakkila


Recently described as Robert Fripp meets Ghengis Kahn. Also described as Nick Cave with a sense of humor or Jonathan Richman singing Gilligan's Island.


I used to call myself Ham Steak but have dropped that moniker to use my own name. I write all my own songs and only play a handful of covers live. My influences include Devo, Mission of Burma, Johnny Cash, Dinosaur Jr., XTC, the Minutemen, the Residents, Pavement, Silver Jews, Blue Oyster Cult, Merle Travis, Thin White Rope, Raymond Scott, Giant Sand, the Girls, Moving Targets, Willie Nelson, and everything I've bought on Fonal Records. My voice is low-ish and my guitar playing can be frantic like a blast furnace with a crack in it or tinkly like a toilet.

I play the jingly-jangly songs as my standard repertoire but I would love the opportunity to perform my loud electric material. Either way I'm going to be playing some pretty physical stuff.


He Was Wrong

Written By: George Hakkila

He was wrong and she was wrong
And I don't feel right.
I waited up way too long
I never slept that night.
You gave up on you and me
To have a go at you and he
Now I may never be happy

I cannot revive what you laid to rest.
Though goo times are ahead,
Behind us are the best.
But I still want to call you "dear"
And I long to bend your ear,
And I pine to hold you near to me.

It was expressed I was mistaken
To the tune of my heart breakin'
All the while you were fakin' love.

Don't know who's the bigger sap,
You for falling for his crap
Or he for falling for yours.
He can simply go to hell,
You can try to ring my bell,
'Cause I already fell
For her.


Yellow Tongue, Black Label - cassette ep
Live at Naragansette, Songs That Made the Bay Famous - cassette ep
Blue Blue Ham - 7" ep
Trans Ham (Like the Pigs That You Are) - 7"ep
Ham On The Run - full length CD
Ingredient: Love - cassette ep
Jesus Loves Cheeses - full length CD
Sizzlin' With Mr. Steak: Live - full length CD
Live at the Iron Horse, MAfucker - full length CD
I Think Therefore I Ham - full length CD
Perfect Sleeping Weather - full length CD

Split 7" w/ Hospital
Split 7" w/M.O.T.O.

Featured on a couple dozen compilations

I've had airplay all over the world including Australia ("Grace" #1 most requested during drive time in Perth for two weeks), North America (#1 at several college stations for multiple weeks, top 30 CMJ at dozens of stations for multiple weeks), France, Italy, Germany, South America, ranked #5 for all artists (over 40,000) on IUMA at last available reading, and currently availble to stream on MySpace as both George Hakkila and Ham Steak.

Set List

I play anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour plus. In a half hour I can play as many as 18 songs. In an hour I can play at least twenty. I only have a handful of covers and they include Devo's "Gates Of Steel", M.O.T.O.'s "Turd That Came to Life", and the Minutemen's "Courage".

My original songs include:

Vacation (I got a)
Varying Degrees
Shakey's Lament
He Was Wrong
The Raconteur
Jesus Loves Cheeses
I'm Happy!
Hickory Fire
Maple Fire
Flat Fillets of Anchovie
Preventative Maintenance
Ham Steak Theme

And many more....