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Nick Alexander here...
It's fun to look back at all the competitions we have had throughout the last year. In doing so, we want to profile some artists that you may have noticed throughout these lists.

1. Lynn Geyer
Seven-Time Top Ten Artist, including Top Ten Songs for Lent, Easter, and Advent. Check out her album "Christmas All Year Through"

2. Paul Harrigan
Paul's Song "Medjugorje" earned him #4 on the Top Ten Songs for Mary. Check out his album "Thank You2."

3. Gretchen Harris
Five-time Top Ten artist, including: Top Ten Songs of 2007, and Songs for Weddings. Check out her Album "Sing of Mary".

4. Fr. Kent O'Connor
"Little Way (St. Therese of Lisieux)" was #8 on the Top Ten Songs for Children. Check out his album "Saints."

5. Mel Kennedy
Four-Time Top Ten artist, including Top Ten Songs for Weddings, Easter, and the Holy Spirit. Check out her Album "Beinaventrados."

6. Bryan Murdaugh
You can find Bryan on our Top Ten Up and Coming Catholic Recording Artists. Check out his Album "With Everything I Know..."

7. Last Day
This Catholic band landed #3 on the Top Ten Songs for Lent with their song "A Simple Cry." Check out the album "We're here."

8. Bob Metivier
Bob's song "Father (the Passion)" was #8 on the Top Ten Songs for Holy Week. Check out his album "The Lord Takes Broken Pieces."

9. George Lower
Three-time Top Ten artist, two for the Top Ten Songs for Lent, and one for the Holy Spirit. Check out his album "Of Saints and Angels."

10. Annie Karto
Three-time Top Ten artist, including Top Ten Songs for Mary, Holy Spirit, and Up & Coming Catholic Artists. Check out her Album "Perfect Sacrifice."
- Top Catholic

Nick Alexander here...

The votes have been tallied and counted, and according to the community of Top Catholic Songs, this is the list for the Top Holy Spirit Songs... just in time for Pentecost Sunday . Each of these songs express a particular devotion to the Holy Spirit, or a deeper yearning for His presence in our lives. We pray that you make these songs your own, as you realize that the Holy Spirit is our inheritance upon baptism and confirmation, and it is also the theme for this year's World Youth Day in Australia.

1. Come Holy Spirit by Mark Mallett

This song speaks of the intimate love and trust we should have in the Holy Spirit. Many speak of a personal relationship with Jesus... but how many of us seek to have a personal relationship with the third person of the Trinity?

2. SpiritSong by Lynn Geyer

You're fire in my heart center of my soul
Light through the darkness
Holy Spirit come, Holy Spirit come
Guide me to your light, o Lord, Holy Spirit come

3. The Dream by Stinging Rain

I remember the first rehearsal of this song. I was on the phone in the room
adjacent to the practice area when it was introduced and guys start playing it. Jon was laying out a sparse beat with his snares off and Nate was playing slide on his acoustic. I knew what kind of bass line I would play, a very simple one to complement the understated beat.
Nate began singing dreamily, "Spirit, exalt yourself...." I knew at that moment that this song would become a favorite.

4. Come Holy Spirit by Susan Bailey

“Come Holy Spirit” uses the familiar prayer of the Church to invoke the fire of the Spirit for our hearts. It is based on reading #521 of To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, compiled by Don Stefano Gobbi.

5. Come Holy Spirit by Celeste Zepponi

Come Holy Spirit
Fill the Hearts of your faithful
And enkindle in us the fire of your love
Send forth your spirit
And we shall be recreated
And You shall renew the face of the earth
Yes You shall renew the face of the Earth

6. Shine Out by George Lower

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has worked in my own life through this particular song. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit continues to use this song to encourage and strenghten the faithful of his church.

7. Glory Be by ServantSong

I sort of have songs in my head each time I say spoken prayers like the "Hail Mary" and "Our Father" but never had one for the "Glory Be" -- so I wrote one. I wrote about the Father in the first verse, Son in the second, and Holy Spirit in the bridge. The bridge a big part of the song, as it leads to the climactic vocals & drums only chorus before the final chorus. It's usually a fan favorite when we play live -- fun to sing along to.

8. Sanctify by Annie Karto

Sanctify, come Holy Spirit, come Sanctify... the work of Your Hands. All that I am... all I long to be...pour your Holy Spirit upon me.
It is Your will, it is Your desire, to burn within me as a consuming fire.... Come Sanctify, the work of Your Hands.

9. Gift of God by Nancy Krebs

This song was inspired by the many titles given to the Holy Spirit. This has always been a song I've loved to share with others.

10. Renew the Face of the Earth by Mel Kennedy

This wonderful bi-lingual song is based on Psalm 104 (the Psalm for Pentecost). It's latin flavor gets you feelin the spirit!
- Top Catholic

Nick Alexander here...

The songs were submitted, the votes have been cast, the community has spoken. What follows is the list for the top songs for Lent.

1. Between Here and There by Sean Clive

Our Journey of Lent begins with the first step. This song is a water walking song about complete faith and trust, surrendering ourselves to God when our world would scare us into despair. Step out of the boat. His hands are reaching out to you. He’s called you to come to him. That’s all you need. So, go. He will meet you…

2. Lord, Hear My Prayer by Margo. B. Smith

This is a song/prayer about praying for others and trusting in God and His mercy. As Christians we are to pray for each other and trust in God’s mercy to answer our prayers.

3. A Simple Cry by Last Day

Matt wrote these words down in a journal several years ago when he was suffering from a bout of depression. The song seems to make a strong connection with a lot of Last Day's fans.

4. Turn My Heart by George Lower

I had just heard a witness from a man who had felt that no one would be inspired by his story--he had had no great crisis in his life. Afterwards we were praying together in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I heard the words "Turn My Heart" in my head and I got up grabbed my guitar and left the chapel.

5. Take, Lord, Receive by Gretchen Harris

This is the classic song that was known and loved back in the day. The sentiment is timeless. Spirit Alive provides the backing vocals. Based on the prayer penned by St. Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century.
If Today by George Lower

6. "If Today" is a setting of Psalm 95 that I wrote when I was working the St. Patrick Life Teen ministry in Tampa, FL. It is definitely a favorite of mine as well as the communities where I have ministered.

7. As The Deer Longs by Gretchen Harris

Based on Psalm 42. One year I gave up TV for Lent and thought I couldn't live without seeing certain shows. What I came to learn was that the only thing I couldn't live without was Jesus Christ. This song has always portrayed a longing for Jesus that expressed what was in my heart.

8. I Call To You by Lynn Geyer

I've always loved this song and when it came time to choose the songs to accompany the text of Journey to Forgiveness I knew I would be working I Call to You into the mix.

9. Too Late Have I Loved You by Nick Alexander

According to musician Fr David Hemann, this is the best rendition of St. Augustine's prayer he had ever heard. (I am humbled by that). This was the "Serious" song on the otherwise comedic "Eternal Life: the Party Album", and it was a wonderful complement to the songs before.

10. See Christ in All Things by Deacon Chuck Stevens

This song was written during a retreat in 2004, and speaks of how Christ reveals Himself to us when we look at our own world - and stresses how death to our own self opens a space for Christ to fill, uniting our actions to His death and Resurrection.

Feel free to listen in to each of these songs, and make them your own. These iMixes are set up easily so that you can download them to your computer, and listen to them on your MP3 player... or you can burn them onto a CD and listen to them there. It will bring a greater sense of devotion to this most holy season.

- Top Catholic


Of Saints and Angels-2001

If Today-voted Top Ten Songs for Lent 2008 @ www.topcatholicsongs.ocm

Turn My Heart-voted Top Ten Songs for Lent 2008 @

Shine Out-voted Top Ten Holy Spirit Songs 2008 @



Music Minister: George Lower
Husband & Father of five children,
Composer, Recording Artist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Keyboardist.

Personal Contact Info:
561-628-4848 (ph)

Label: International Liturgy Publications
PO Box 50476 Nashville, TN 37205
615-599-4497 615-599-0840 Fax

George currently serves as the Director of Music Ministries for Holy Name of Jesus Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, a post he has held since 1999.

In this dynamic parish of 2500 families George has formed and honed his ministerial skills while directing 3 choirs, leading music at all parish liturgies and overseeing all aspects of the parish music program.

His musical education began at a young age studying jazz and classical guitar with Charles Bush, Jr. in Gainesville, Florida. During his high school years he studied voice with J.D. Bledsoe at Forest Lake Academy in Apopka, Florida. During this time George was active in both the high school choir and the band playing euphonium for one year. He then chose to pursue vocal studies exclusively and was a valuable member of the Forest Lake choir and was invited to join the traveling choir known as the New Generation Singers during his sophomore year. He received Forest Lake’s Male Vocalist of the Year award in 1986.

After a brief enlistment in the United States Army that ended abruptly because of a training accident, George returned to making music and looking for opportunities to grow as a musician.

It was during this time in early 1991, that George was received into the Catholic Church. He fully embraced his new faith and volunteered as a vocalist and guitarist at his local parish, St. Timothy in Tampa, Florida. While in Tampa he resumed private vocal studies with Gregory Roman; and, he began to be sought out as a vocalist and guitarist for both sacred and secular musical events in the larger community.

In 1997, George was hired to lead the LifeTeen music ensemble of St. Patrick Catholic Church in south Tampa. The group flourished under his direction performing extensively throughout the area under the name, “Deeply Rooted.” This was also when George began to compose original songs for use during Mass and retreat weekends.

Since relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999, George has continued to refine his songwriting skills. He has studied music theory with Allen Webber and piano with Robert Jones and Robert Stein.

In 2001, he independently released a CD titled “Of Saints and Angels” featuring his original music. He is continuing his formal studies during the summer months at St. Joseph College in Rensselear, Indiana where he is completing a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Liturgy with an emphasis in Church Music.

George is deeply grateful for the opportunity his association with ILP has afforded. Some of his original songs and Psalm settings are due to be released in an upcoming ILP hymnal. He looks forward to sharing this music with the larger church family and prays that many will be touched by the Holy Spirit as a result.