George Milton

George Milton


The music is an acoustic blend of folk, rock, and soul. The live performance is a high-energy culmination of the soulful voice as well as skillful guitar playing. A series of effects and loop pedals is implemented live to create a sound much larger than a single person.


George was born and raised in the heart of the south in Birmingham, AL. He started playing in bands when he was 14 and wrote his first song at the age of 15. After years of playing and recording with original bands, George set out on his own with his guitar and his songs. He is influenced heavily by other acoustic acts like John Mayer, Keller Williams, Howie Day, and Jason Mraz to name a few, but his roots have him also steeped in gospel and soul music as well as blues icons like B.B. King.
George also studied jazz in college, further rounding out his musical knowledge.


Push Play Live (2007)
Sellout (2007)

Set List

4 - 45 minute sets
covers and originals, will import my list soon