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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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"Rising Stars"

By definition,

A “Question” is: An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for reply.

Now let’s dumb it down a bit. We’ll say that a question seeks to fill in unanswered gaps. Now let’s look at the word “System”.

A “”System” is: A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements that make up a complex whole.

Now let’s really dumb it down some. We’ll say that a system is having a regular way to make something work.

My reasons for highlighting these two terms are within the Christian hip hop community, there are so many unanswered “questions” regarding our “system” of delivering the message of Christ called Christian hip hop. Though it is not the only method of delivery, it is one of our systems and Christian hip hop should work. Our God is the author of systems like the “solar system” or the “eco-system” and the “economic system”, even though (at the time of this article) ours isn’t reaping the intended results of His original purpose but, my point is that we serve a God who has set systems in place so that we would reap the best possible results.

So question? Why has this industry seemed to have proven fruitful for just a handful and not for others? Of course you could argue that it depends on what you define as success, whether that’s reaching one soul or a million. But for those who know that they are called to reach the masses, but haven’t – why is this so? As an introductory opening to a three part series, we’ll ask a lot of questions that are echoed throughout the CHH community regarding the unbalanced scales of Christian hip hop. In the remaining articles we’ll shine light on the opinions/arguments as to why this is so. Over the past couple of years, after having interviewed a number of artists whether independent or signed to labels, countless conversations with CHH managers, label heads, and just fans, you can sum up most of their thoughts as to why this is in 3 categories: The Anointing, Affiliation and Assets. We’ll touch each one of these topics though not subjecting every opinion to just these 3 categories, these just so happen to be the big ones.

Also, some of the artist that we’ll mention in this article we’ll examine for the sole purpose of edification and not to tear down. We’ll mention names like Lecrae, Tripp Lee, Da Truth, Flame, Kj52 and a lot of others as sort of a measuring rod. We can’t deny the ministries or record sales and if an artist is gaining momentum lets not try to reinvent the wheel, but figure out how to get better gas mileage.

At the same time we’ll discuss the somewhat taboo topic of “The Cliques” (and no I don’t mean the 116 Clique… Or do I, lol.) Seriously though, as we touch the subject of “Affiliations” we’ll even go in to what some have labeled as “A-Philly-ation” and how you’re not embraced by some in the Body of Christ if you’re not connected with someone from the “Mecca” of CHH. So, does Philly set the standard? You’ve got labels like Cross Movement & Lamp Mode, production like RockSoul, Teddy P, and artist like Da Truth, Tonic, Everyday Process, R- Swift, The Ambassador, Phanatik, Flame (though he isn’t from Philly), Mark Arthur, Young Josh, Twyse, and many, many, others that stem from this area. Even in the secular it’s known for some serious hip hop powerhouses. You’ve also got other regions also making serious noise with labels like Reach Records with artists like, Lecrae, Tripp, Tedashi, Sho Barack. You can’t deny the fruit. Some of these CHH cats have Grammy, Dove and Stellar nods. And so that we don’t come off as some dudes analyzing the community from the “outside-in” or being bias, we know that there are a multitude of other artist/labels/producers from each coast such as Braille, R-Swift, RawServant, D-Maub, Rhema Soul, Brinson, Mark J, Eshon Burgany, The Breax, George Moss, Humble Tip, Japhia Life, Syntax Records, SlingShot, K-Drama…( Ok I apologize but you get my point). This article isn’t long enough to go in depth and name the known and countless unknown artists in our industry who have sacrificed time, talent, and treasure just to see a fraction of the vision God has given them, manifest. And trust me we’ve just scratched the surface.

So does CHH need a stimulus also? Does God favor some over others? Could it be sound biblical teaching? Could it be seminary school or a degree in Theology? Is it having major distribution? Is it being signed to a label that’s made all of the stars line up in the cosmos? Most of these artists would probably disagree recognizing that we are still a sub-genre of another sub-genre. We’ve just begun to draw the attention from the Christian market let alone mainstream. Is it that there is no real authority represented in CHH, meaning that even though Jesus is the head, most artists are replicas of the ministry were they fellowship( no disrespect, just true). Could it be money, business savvy, marketing power, a lack connecting with fans, the anointing, or professionalism? As mentioned earlier we’ve got artist who’ve had albums debut on Billboards top gospel Charts anywhere from #5 To #1. By way of sales some albums have topped I-tunes charts which have led to awards nods such as The Grammy, Stellar, and The Dove, not to mention the Holy hip hop awards. We have artists that have toured with top names in the Gospel Music industry and who have had television appearances on major shows/networks such as TBN, MTV and BET. Some have even had video game synchs and movie roles. So here’s another question. Aren’t there more than just artist in CHH and what must be done to bring exposure to the rest of the community whether they’re deejays, label heads, publishers, promoters, designers, managers, etc? Are any of these titles any less important than being directly in the spotlight? Remember our name is not the true name up on the marquee, but His is. And let me just add, if you’re someone who feels content with the level where God has you or your gaining momentum, then praise the Lord we’ll rejoice with you. But if not, then this article might be targeting you. Most of these artist we can’t deny the call on their lives. They just haven’t had the breakthrough that they or God desires for them. So as an intro to our three part series, these are just a few of the questions that we’ve either asked or thought about regarding the CHH industry and there are many more. We’ll shed light on most of your opinions/arguments as to why some have flourished and others have not. This article is in no way meant to tear down the work of Christ but to challenge and build. We’ll kick it off with “The Anointing” and why some feel that a major reason for the inequality is that some are called and others aren’t.

To be continued… -

"George Moss joins KJ52 on this year's WinterJam 2011 Tour!"

Come see George at WinterJam 2011 in your city!

Tour Schedule
1/7/11 Chattanooga, TN
UTC McKenzie Arena
1/8/11 Charleston, WV
Charleston CivicCenter
1/9/11 Charlotte, NC
Time Warner Arena
1/14/11 Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville MemorialColiseum
1/15/11 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
1/16/11 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
1/21/11 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena
1/22/11 DeKalb, IL NIU ConvocationCenter
1/23/11 Ft. Wayne, IN Allen County MemorialColiseum
1/28/11 University Park, PA* Bryce Jordan Center
1/29/11 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
1/30/11 Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center atCSU
2/3/11 Tupelo, MS Bancorp South Center
2/4/11 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall
2/5/11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
2/10/11 Augusta, GA James Brown Arena
2/11/11 Greenville, SC Bi-Lo Center
2/12/11 Birmingham, AL BJCC Arena
2/13/11 Mobile, AL USA Mitchell Center
2/17/11 Baton Rouge, LA Baton Rouge RIverCenter
2/18/11 Dallas, TX* American AirlinesCenter
2/19/11 Tulsa, OK* BOK Center
2/20/11 Kansas City, MO* The Sprint Center
2/25/11 Bossier City, LA* CenturyTel CenterArena
2/26/11 Oklahoma City, OK* The Ford Center
2/27/11 Wichita, KS* Intrust Bank Arena
3/3/11 Columbus, GA* Columbus Civic Center
3/4/11 Knoxville, TN* Thompson-Boling Arena
3/5/11 Little Rock, AR* Verizon Arena
3/6/11 Memphis, TN* FedEx Forum
3/10/11 North Charleston, SC* North CharlestonColiseum
3/11/11 Columbia, SC* The Colonial Center
3/12/11 Lexington, KY* Rupp Arena
3/13/11 Nashville, TN* Bridgestone Arena
3/17/11 Reading, PA* The Sovereign Center
3/18/11 Roanoke, VA* Roanoke Civic Center
3/19/11 Fayetteville, NC* Crown Coliseum
3/20/11 Norfolk, VA* Norfolk Scope
3/23/11 Saginaw, MI* The Dow Center
3/24/11 Evansville, IN* Roberts Stadium
3/25/11 Cincinnati, OH* Cincinnati Gardens
3/26/11 Champaign, IL* Assembly Hall
3/27/11 Grand Rapids, MI* Van Andel Arena
3/31/11 Ypsilanti, MI* EMU ConvocationCenter
4/1/11 St. Charles, MO* Family Arena
4/2/11 Springfield, MO* JQH Arena
4/3/11 Peoria, IL Peoria Civic Center

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"Spotlight November 2008"

“WHOA!” Wows Radio Listeners

WaYfm DJ rocks audiences with new song

By Tim Devaney
Photography by Chris Fugitt

WaYfm DJ George Moss has a hit song on his hands

George Moss is
climbing the
Christian music
charts. The local WaYfm
DJ released his hit single
“WHOA!” last spring and
everyday the upbeat tune is
finding new ears.

Moss explained that
he wrote the song after
seeing God’s wonders and
reacting “WHOA!” The
tune has been featured on
radio stations across the
country, and is the most
requested song on The
Hype Radio Network.

Mike Couchman, WaYfm
program director/
afternoon host, has been in
the music industry for 12
years and recognizes talent
when he sees it. “Our
radio audience is picky, but
often ahead of the times,”

just going crazy!”
There’s a definite road
ahead for the artist.
“I’m still working hard
to finish the CD and
get it out to people,”
he said. “I’m nervous
about setting a certain
date, but I’m
shooting for before
Moss combines catchy
lyrics with sweet beats.
“I can’t sing, so I stick
to rap,” he said. “God
hasn’t given me the
talent to sing, but
He has given me the
talent to write lyrics,
poetry, and to rap. I’m
happy with that.”
Listeners can hear
Moss on his radio
show weeknights on
WaYfm (88.3/89.9)
You can request the
song at it 888-383

New ChriNewChrihe said. “They were loving all over tobyMac,
Switchfoot, Skillet, and others years before the
reached the airwaves in the “Music City” capital
“My youth group was traveling to Mississippi on
a mission trip this summer,” he said. “They were
driving through Tennessee, and they heard the
song on the radio. The whole youth group was
3688, or hear it by visiting
Rhodes, Catlend Lamdrum, DJ Mystery, Kisha
Patterson, and Michael Essex.
“I’ve been around the Christian music
industry for nearly ten years,” Moss said. “And
with all of the bands I’ve seen...I really think that
we are on to something that can’t go unnoticed
for very long.”
rest of the world knew
who they were. So
far, they’re responding
the same way with
George Moss….
George makes me say

Ironically, it wasn’t
supposed to happen
this quickly. “I
initially intended to
just focus on West
Michigan,” Moss said.
“But national radio
stations have picked it
up: I didn’t send it to
He was shocked when

he learned “WHOA!”

of Nashville.

The artist is hoping to give
back to the community.
“I’m pretty excited about
our music, our band, and
most importantly, our
ministry,” Moss said. “I want
to be a positive force in this
community and have an
impact on people. That’s my
driving force.”
Moss notes that his artistry
is a team effort. “I am a
‘solo artist’ now, but I’m
far from being alone in this
whole thing,” Moss said.
He recognizes the other
band members: Jason Arntz,
Anthony Raglin, Rodney - Spotlight Magazine

"George Moss on Spotlight"

Tim Devaney
Features Writer

In 10 days George Moss’ world was turned inside out and upside down.
The WaYfm DJ and West Michigan hip-hop artist went on a mission’s trip to Honduras in June, and he saw things he’ll never forget.
“It was a culture shock to see how people live outside of America in the poverty people live in,” Moss said. “They live on a landfill with garbage, stray dogs and thousands of buzzards everywhere and they are all starving for food. That was the worst [poverty condition] I’ve personally ever seen, but I know it is worse in other parts of the world.”
Moss said families have to wait 20 days to fill up their water systems, young girls are forced into prostitution for about .05 cents and there are no police.
He remembered one family that worked at the garbage dump every day, going there to find goods they could recycle for money. In one day the entire family made about $1.
“You can’t capture that stuff,” Moss said. “I wish you could capture that in a newspaper article. You can’t understand unless you’re there.”
“It’s so hard to describe,” he said. “It made you realize we truly are rich as a nation. Even the homeless people in America live better than most people there.”
Moss was blessed by the testimony of the Christians there. He said when they prayed everyone would pray out loud at the same time.
WaYfm’s mission’s team was working 12 hours a day, according to Moss, putting on sports camps, medical clinics and building a playground. But there goal wasn’t to Americanize Honduras; it was to show God’s love.
“We don’t need to Americanize [the people in Honduras],” Moss said. “That’s their way of life. They don’t complain. Our mission wasn’t to make Honduras more like America; it was to make Honduras more like Christ. We went to show them love and to be more like Christ.”
The mission’s trip help Moss realize another truth though: he has a mission’s field back home.
“I made a lot of friends down there [in Honduras] and I miss them, but it was motivational for me to do something back here in Grand Rapids,” Moss said. “There are parts of Grand Rapids I haven’t shared the gospel with – orphans, widows and homeless people. I can’t neglect right here.
“Christ needs to be shared everywhere, even here in America, next door, right here where I Iive. I can go and evangelize to strangers across the world, but what am I doing next door?”
The trip is helping Moss appreciate life more and more.
“It makes me appreciate life here more,” Moss said. “It made me appreciate my relationship with Christ more. It made me realize how selfish I am. The fact that I have so much and sometimes complain. It makes me more grateful. God has blessed me with so much I’ve got to be more diligent. I’m blessed enough to be a blessing to someone else and I don’t have to wait to save more money because I have plenty right now.”
As his fans know, Moss is musically inclined to excite listeners with hip-hop, and Moss said the trip inspired him to make many more songs.
“It was definitely inspirational to go down and be with those people,” Moss said. “I wrote a lot while I was down there. Thoughts and ideas, and I’ll put them together later. It will definitely impact my music. Lots of thoughts.”
- Tim Devaney

"All or Nothing CD Review"

Tim Devaney
All or Nothing CD Review
Word Count: 709
George Moss is breaking out the beats with his new album All or Nothing. His first solo project is already making hits on radio airwaves and is a strong initial effort with a mix of big-time, energetic songs and testimonial tunes. The deciding factor for the local west Michigan musician, though, will be the effort he puts into promotional activities and future CDs.
All or Nothing is packed with hit songs, including “Hip-Hop,” “Whoa!” and “Get Right,” as well as thought provoking lyrics that tell the story of Moss’ life. He does a great job of relating to listeners with songs such as “Transparency,” “Oh Lord” and “Yesterday.”
“All or Nothing” is the name of the game – or the CD at least. The autobiographical song blends a traditional rap beat with a jazzy-instrumental sound. The message is that people must go all out for God.
“La La” is a thank-you note brought to life with heartfelt music. Moss remembers the important people in his life with this song, and he localizes it by pin-pointing specific Grand Rapids landmarks, such as the restaurant, Yesterdog. He also mentions his church family and local radio stations.
“Whoa,” is like a roller-coaster ride. This fast-paced song is exciting and draws listeners in as they are rushed through the tune. Maybe that’s why fans keep going back for more. Moss wrote it after reflecting on God’s grace and saying “Whoa!” He was amazed, and fans will be too after hearing this one. The hit song is quickly becoming a WaYfm fan favorite, and it’s putting George Moss on the map.
“Hip-Hop” sets a powerful tone for the CD. It’s a burst of energy that pumps up fans, as it opens with a casual introduction that gives a calming feeling, and is immediately contrasted with a dynamic chorus. It’s fun-loving, spirit-filled and a hit in the making.
“Get Right” is strange – in a good way. The extraordinary tune breaks the boundaries of traditional music, and urges listeners to lay down their sins and “Get Right” spiritually. It’s original and exciting, and fans will love it.
Ah, it “Feels Good.” Moss is exited and he passes it on to the listeners! Moss has spent years working on this CD, overcoming numerous setbacks, and now it’s finally done. The lyrics may also relate to the good feeling of spiritual contentment found in a fulfilling relationship with God.
Moss knows this life is about God, and he wants to reflect Christ. That’s what “Transparency” is all about. He doesn’t want the focus to be on himself. Instead, Moss wants people to see Christ through him.
“Oh Lord” is a self-reflecting song set in the driver’s seat of Moss’ car during the night, and he just wants to drive. The character Moss describes seems mesmerized by unrevealed troubles. He’s running red lights and only focusing on one thing – questions. He asks God, “Are you driving or what?” At this point the song changes from a concrete seen to a metaphor of Moss’ life. The message is “hold on.” It appears as if George is telling his fans through personal experience to hold on, because things will get better no matter how bad they are now.
Moss puts together a solid collection of songs in All or Nothing that focus on his failures and God’s grace. He uses a variety of styles and shares his heart in his first album. Some songs will be hits and others will serve as reflections, but overall this CD could be the beginning of a successful solo career for George Moss if it is promoted right.

- Way FM - Spotlight Magazine


Go Hard or Go Home
Down for You
All Or Nothing
Tracks - Go Hard or Go Home, Whoa!, Transparent and Get Right on radio rotation.



They know I go hard!
And nobody telling me different
I'm getting it how I'm living
and if you don’t see the vision
Go Home!...

…So begins George Moss’s new single, “Go Hard or Go Home.” Moss is once again working to the hit the recording studio - with renewed passion and determination. With a completely re-vamped online presence, new songs in the making and a heavy touring schedule, he will be hitting the scene hard.
“It’s been almost two years since my last record. Spiritually, I’ve grown a lot over that time,” Moss shares. He’s come a long way since his entrance into the Christian rap/hip-hop industry in 2001. He is currently the DJ for WaYfm radio and founder of Dreamlight Entertainment. “Woah,” from his debut record, has held the 1 spot on Hype Radio Network and George's 2010 hit "Go Hard or Go Home" took the # 12 spot on Hype Radio Network's top songs of 2010 and #37 on the Wade-O Radio Show top songs of 2010.

In 2008 he appeared on Creation Festival: The Tour, in 2009 was able to join Pillar’s Confessions Tour, and in 2010 he joined Group 1 Crew and KJ-52 on the Modern Heroes Tour, and you currently see George on Christian Music's Largest Annual Tour- WinterJam 2011.