George Petit

George Petit

 New York City, New York, USA

Great friends and professional jazz players that are passionate about what we do and believe that an audience wants to share in and feel what we are feeling, the joy of the music, the fun of playing together, the unknown adventure of life and the sheer passion of being an artist.


I realized a few years ago that there is more to presenting music than just writing and playing what you ‘want’ at a high level of proficiency.

It is necessary to engage an audience, not only from the point of view of the future sale of product (these days that could mean a single song download!), but from the perspective of ‘The Gig’, the performance itself, the live experience. On any given night, at any given venue, a group of performing musicians must entertain, must communicate a message that is deeper than ‘just the music’. So I set about trying to define these audience needs...thought of interviews I’d read, concerts I’d attended, discussions I’d been a part of...and then took the results of all this thought and decided to form a group based on my ultimate ‘finding’. Live music is about communication and creating a bond with an audience...presenting music with integrity, friendship, humor, all emotion, passion and professionalism.

The group was formed based upon friendship first...after all, if it is all about communication, I thought I would like to surround myself with friends that have common interest and purpose, that would be just as happy having dinner together as playing music together. At the age level of most of my players, there exists a pretty high level of musicianship and personal statement in the music. I invited great friends to join me in this adventure – they just happened to be fantastic players all with an individual voice...lucky me!

We’ve all heard groups that are just thrown together for one or two gigs, or a minor tour...big names that read the charts on the gig...individually they are most likely fantastic...but perhaps they have not had the time to develop a sound that is representative of the combined efforts of the collective – it leaves one ‘cold’...I found that this attitude was present in many parts of today’s culture...a desire or need to become so independent that the ‘group’ was shunned in favor of the ‘self’.

Again, music is sharing and communication. Our group has spent time developing an identity and sound as a ‘group’. In the year we have been working on this concept, we have received high praise from our audiences and listeners. They are having fun, they are ‘feeling’ it...they are not ‘them’ and we, ‘us’. There is very little distance between us and the audience. We communicate the fun, passion, seriousness, emotion and togetherness of our music, because we feel it deeply and communicate it without barrier to anyone willing to engage... It’s working.

We’ve all played the tours, the opening acts, the Festivals all over the world and worked with such legends as McCoy Tyner, Betty Carter, The Village Vanguard Big Band, Joe Lovano, James Carter, Joshua Redman, Houston Person, Tito Puente, Dave Stryker, Dafnis Prieto, Donny McCaslin...our pedigree is solid.

My most recent cd, END OF AUGUST was recorded in NYC. It represents the start of this adventure. Come on out to The Gig and join engaged.


As a Leader:

Over 100 CD's released as a Producer/Engineer specializing in Jazz and Singer/Songwriter projects.

All tracks are available on iTunes and CDBaby, while tracks from END OF AUGUST are streamed on my website-

Label: petitjazz

Set List

The band has over 35 originals and ten ‘covers’. All originals written by George Petit. Ever-exzpanding set list!
We play for as long as you’ll let us!...we are there to play. Sets can be tailored to between 45mins and 90mins...and we can play for 3 hours if needed!