George Petko and the Soulshifters

George Petko and the Soulshifters

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Heart-felt roots rock songs about love lost and sometimes won with hooky two-guitar driven attack. High on melody, low on parody, mining faithfully the American folk riches of country-born music and giving it a contemporary feel.


George Petko and the Soulshifters emerged from the Hamilton roots music scene three years ago. Drawing on country, blues, folk and soul and blending infectious pop/rock stylings into the presentation they quickly gained a respect and notoriety right out of the gate. They soon shared the stage with artists such as Juno Award winners Jack Dekeyzer and Tom Wilson at Hamilton's legendary Corktown Tavern. Corktown promoter and Mohawk College radio host Lou Molinaro said,"The band has a modern Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe sound while leaving room to breathe." Ric Taylor interviewed George on his MacMaster radio program and urged him to release the preliminary mixes just as they were, remarking on their professional quality. Doug Foley, entertaiment writer for the Hamilton Spectator stated," I consider George Petko to be an up and comer in the southern Ontario music scene..."Presently the band continues to play live in the southern Ontario region while also concentrating on recording more tracks to form the debut release. George goes for the clean and up front honest sound of the band playing live in one room, keeping usually the first takes. So what you hear on the recordings is very close to how the band sounds in live performance. Audiences are always moved by the sincerity and commitent of emotion put out by George and group. George Petko and the Soulshifters are on a constant search for the deepest part of the heart. That journey is reflected heart and soul, in groove-laden songs they deliver. It's a musical journey definitely worth taking with them.


Hide My Love

Written By: George Petko

I apologize, but not directly honey, I'm in disguise, but not correctly honey, I'm just trying to a place you'll never notice me... cause I can't hide my love I won't use my voice, you got no objection baby, Iv'e got no choice, but I need direction somehow, someday I'll make a sound, I'm gonna let my feelings shout....cause I can't hide my love......... It's getting dark!.. .inside my heart!....I...don't know..just how to.....yeah to escape... from this waiting game!...Maybe someday soon you're gonna let me change the rules...cause I... can't hide my love And so it seems to be, I'm stuck inside a fantasy. But baby if you please, won't you show some kind of sign to me...and I guess finally, that's the way it's got to be...cause I can't hide my love....cause I can't hide my love......


Four songs are up on petko and the soulshifters. No formal release. Full length coming out later this year.

Set List

Good Girl /Hide My Love/ Time Takes Its Time/One More Time/No Destination/Don't Work That Way/ A Little While Longer/Gotta See That Girl/Are You Ready?/She'll Never Fall In Love/I'm Runnin'/ I'll Never Feel That Way Again. Sets are appropriate to the situation. One to three sets can be done. Cover songs performed are by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, The Beatles and Dwight Yoakam and others.