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The Reefalution Album-2003
Clear The Buildin'-2004
The Campaign-2005
Backwoodz-n-Deutsche mixtape-2006

Burn (The Campaign)2005
Back 2 Basics (The Campaign)2005



Raised in the rough northern district of Jane and Finch; Toronto’s George Reefah emerged bringing a whole new aspect to the Canadian Hip-Hop scene. Mixing an old school vibe with a new aged sound, George Reefah has distinguished himself as being one of the most distinct and unique rappers to ever hit the streets of Toronto. With his finesse, flow and direct delivery, George Reefah has now solidified himself as being one of the most promising young acts Toronto has to offer.
In 2001, Reefah and long-time friend Play Castro began working on a mixtape that was to serve as the forum through which Reefah would first introduce himself. The Project Mixtape was distributed throughout the same streets from which he drew his inspiration from, the “Avenue” district of Jane and Finch. Gaining immediate success, Reefah soon realized that he had begun building what the Canadian Hip Hop industry was missing, basic street level credibility and fan base.
“I feel that the streets of Toronto not only need an artist they can relate to, but one they actually enjoy listening to… “ and enjoy they did.
The streets yearned for more and one year later Reefah released “The Reefalution”, which was an immediate success. Reefah’s sophomore project “Clear Tha Building” served to further prove the innovation of his style. The first single “Who’s That”, produced by Reefah, became one of the most talked about songs throughout Toronto’s underground hip-hop community and earned him regular rotation on local radio stations. The second single “Broke”, produced by MC Collizhun, gained international success and has been highly rated by American DJ’s from coast to coast. “Clear Tha Building” surpassed previous sales by more than 300 units within the first week. George Reefah has and continues to receive rave reviews by countless critics. His most recent release “The Campaign”, has proven his ability to stay on top of the game with sales over 10,000 units since it’s release in June of 2005. Reefah won Just Entertainment’s national wide demo contest for his first single off the album titled “Burn”, produced by Product of Major Music Productions. In addition to his musical success, Reefah has also appeared in both “The Toronto Rap Project” that premiered at the Reel World Film Festival as well as in a Much Vibe commercial promoting the station.
Rising above the hurdles of living in a rough neighbourhood, Reefah utilized his community to create a root fan base and serves as a positive influence to all those who hope to one day follow in his footsteps. Reefah has proved that dedication and raw talent can survive, and more importantly thrive in the streets from which it grows. The people of Toronto finally have a talent they can be proud of. In George Reefah, they found a voice capable of surviving on the international stage while remaining true to himself, the art, and the streets he represents. There is no end in sight to his talent and entrepreneurial spirit as he reaches to grace the ears of all those who have yet to hear his voice and lyrical talent worldwide.
This time around George Reefah is taking his music to the next level. After smashing all expectations on his last album “The Campaign”, Reefah is now pushing his music to the limits. Working with Major Music’s Product&Whitton (Mobb Deep, The Game) along side DNA Studio’s Steve Chahley (Jennifer Lopez) and a team of off the wall creative directors and artist developers, George Reefah will take seat in his throne here in Toronto. With his team behind him a new sound emerges. A unique blend of old school boom-bap-rap, today’s dirty 808 bass, and graced with his matured, sophisticated and experienced flow. Reefah is a force not to be reckoned with.