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Artist Title Label Year

1.) "George Sarah" Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace Pusan Music Group 2012

1.) "George Sarah" 1920 Remix 12 inch Transistor 2004

2.) "George Sarah" Ossia Transistor 2003

3.) "George Sarah" Ossia 12 inch Transistor 2003

4.) "Anthony Stewart Head/George Sarah" Music for Elevators BIABD 2002

5.) "George Sarah" Opus Eleven BIABD 2001

6.) "George Sarah" Drag Ass/12 inch F-111/Warner Bros 1999

7.) "T.H.C." Adagio Medicine/ Brain Surgery 1999

8.) "T.H.C." Blue Wave/12 inch Intelligent 1998

9.) "T.H.C." Darjeeling/12 inch Intelligent 1997

10.) "Progrexiv" Reinvention Operation (Remix CD)Full Contact /Fifth Colvmn 1997

11.) "Cathexis" Exempli Gratia Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1997

12.) "T.H.C." Consenting Guinea Pig (E.P.) Full Contact/ Fifth Colvmn 1996

13.) "T.H.C." Death By Design Fifth Colvmn 1996

14.) "Stereotaxic Device" 100 Per Day Extinct KK/Cargo 1992

15.) "Stereotaxic Device" Lostland (E.P.) KK/Cargo 1991

16.) "Stereotaxic Device" Stereotaxic Device KK/Cargo 1990


Artist Track/Title Label Year

"George Sarah" Sonata for Petra (Remix by Swayzak) Route de la Slack !K7 Records 2006

"George Sarah" Orchid/KXLU Vol. 7 Compilation KXLU 2004

"George Sarah" 1920 Backyard Bangers Remix/Scion Vol. 7 Compilation
URB Magazine 2003

"George Sarah" Ossia/BPM Culture Sample Compilation BPM Culture Magazine 2003

"George Sarah w/Abba Roland" Pop Up Electric Monkey 2002

"George Sarah" Eyes and Goodbyes L.A. Weekly Music 2000 Rhino 2000

"T.H.C." Unsaid Warning L.A.Critical Mass Mindspore 1998

"T.H.C." Branded (Instrumental) KUCI BENEFIT Lorraine Peace Recordings 1998

"Cathexis" Oh Hypnotic State Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1998

"T.H.C." Directly From Angels King of Vampires Cleopatra 1998

"Cathexis" In Search Of Sci Fi Cafe Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1997

"Cathexis" US Into the Mix Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1997

"T.H.C." Tetanus Toxin World Wide Underground Fifth Colvmn 1997

"T.H.C." Mind Over Matter Ultimate Drum n Bass Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1997

"T.H.C." Need To Destroy FCR Fifth Colvmn 1996

"Cathexis" Implant Hypnotic Sounds Hypnotic/ Cleopatra 1996

"Stereotaxic Device" Man Made God Subnation Vol. 1 Subnation/ Tess 1995

"T.H.C." Directly From Satan Sin-A-Matic Vol. 1 Svenhed 1994

"Stereotaxic Device" B.P.M. Electrogenetic KK/Roughtrade 1992

"Stereotaxic Device" Abolitionist Psycotechnics KXLU Braindrop 1991

"Stereotaxic Device" In Vitro Test Nirvana Compilation Aztlan/Pronto 1991

"Stereotaxic Device" Lostland Crack of A Belgium Whip KK/Cargo 1991


Artist Track/Title Label Year

"Groove Addict Music Library"
10 Songs Jan-March 2008

"M.I.A." Sunshowers (Remix) Bootleg 2005

"Abby Travis" Of Eyes Remain (Remix) Unreleased 2000

"Fonda" We Fear Change (Remix) Unreleased 1999

"Information Society" On the Outside (Remix) Cleopatra 1999

"ASK Theater Projects" Playwright Composer Studio Unreleased 1998


Artist Track/Title/Artist Label Year

"Dr. Zaius" All Apologies Coctail Tribute to Nirvana Vitamin 2001

"In One Ear Out the Analog" Kid A/Ideoteque Tribute to Radiohead Vitamin 2001

"George Sarah" Me and My Friends Tribute to Red Hot Chillipeppers Vitamin 2000

"George Sarah/ T.H.C.' (2 songs) Mr.Self Destruct/ Something I Can Never Have
Tribute to Nine Inch Nails Vitamin 2000

'George Sarah/ T.H.C." (4 songs) Skin / The Power of Goodbye
Ray of Light / Justify My Love Tribute to Madonna Vitamin 2000

"George Sarah/ T.H.C." One of These Days / On The Run Tribute to Pink Floyd Vitamin 2000

"T.H.C." Magnificant Seven Tribute to the Clash CHM 1999

"Cracker G" Sucker MV / Your Blind Tribute to Run DMC Illstyle 1999

"T.H.C." Dancing Queen / Saturday Night Fetish Hypnotic / Cleopatra 1997

"T.H.C." 1963 Tribute to New Order Hypnotic / Cleopatra 1997

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Aug 8-24
Beijing Summer Olympic Games
'Warrior and the Girl' Score for Performance and Ceremony"
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In his thirteen years as a professional electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist, Sarah’s music has been featured everywhere from CSI to the Beijing Olympics. Sarah has eight full length releases to his credit, and his music has appeared on over 40 compilations. He’s performed at UCLA’s Royce Hall, The Getty Museum, and Grand Per...formances, appearing with a diverse group of artists ranging from Bebel Gilberto to Goldfrapp (performing his original compositions from a bank of synthesizers alongside live string section, bridging the normally discrete musical worlds of electronic and classical.) His old band THC even appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. George Sarah, it seems, gets around.

With the release of Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace, Sarah collects the best of his recent work into an album that will captivate listeners from beginning to end. From the opening track “Anna” (which features singer Angela McCluskey from Wild Colonials and The Pogues’ James Fearnley on accordion, and which called “hauntingly beautiful,) Sarah takes us on a sonic journey through a world where stuttering, glitch breaks flit underneath yearning cellos, Tropicalia is reinterpreted for an 8-bit reality, and a beat boxing robot with blown speakers gets a warm hug from an elegant string section.

With an epically busy schedule of film and TV work, it’s hard to imagine Sarah finding the time to craft a record of his own music. Yet in this case effort begets effort, as for Sarah “a long stint on a project will get me inspired to write personal songs. I think when I’m in the habit of recording all day it’s hard to stop. I scored 28 episodes for the Discovery network in an 18 month period and when I was done I wrote a ton of material.”

Sarah’s deep rolodex came in handy when he realized that while most of the songs on Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace are instrumental, there were a few that needed a voice. “Emo” features the vocalists Monique Powell from the band Save Ferris. Says Sarah “I had a concert at the Getty Museum and the curator asked me if I was open to collaborating with singers and they thought Monique’s voice would work well with my music. With David J (Bauhaus, Love n’ Rockets) I co-wrote a song for his latest solo album so he most graciously has appeared on the track “Spalding Gray Can’t Swim.” Swayzak, who’s collaboration “Drag Ass” closes the record, have known Sarah for years, and they’ve appeared on each other’s records.

Despite the host of guests and the lengthy intervals in which the songs were written and recorded the record plays as a cohesive whole, and when finish leaves the listener deeply satisfied. As for an overall theme, Sarah says “the songs on this album are about closure or an end with those people and things who will never leave you. The irony of loss whether intentional or not, yet somehow they have shaped your world view in a profound way. A dying without the death in a optimistic way.” A dying without death? Seems almost as paradoxical as the idea of electronic chamber music. Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace firmly demonstrates that George Sarah has the latter sorted. As for the former, well, we’ll have to keep you posted.