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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Pop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Move over Diddy here comes “Pretty Boy”"

Move over Diddy here comes “Pretty Boy”

Looking back over the span of Sean Combs’ career, it’s easy to get lost in his transformation. Before you snicker, give yourself a minute to reflect on the fact that Diddy has personified success for more than a decade in every venture- becoming a millionaire more than 300 times over.

George “Pretty Boy” Seals has learned a thing or two from Diddy. Not only does he bear a striking resemblance to the hip-hop superstar, his business ventures are as far reaching. In addition to his own musical ventures, his “PrettyBoyBeats” network has a hand in developing some of Nashville’s up and coming talent. “Pretty Boy” produced hit singles “Do The Cashville” by J.Bone, and “I Didn’t Know (IDK)” by the Atlanta-based R&B duo Neon.

Born in Houston, TX, “Pretty Boy” earned an appreciation for music from his parents’ love of classic R&B and soul. Seals has nurtured a musical addiction of his own since he was in high school. As a youngster, “Pretty Boy” learned how to play several instruments and taught himself basic digital recording techniques. Armed with the musical foundation poured by his parents, his appreciation for the art flourished. He began experimenting with rock and hip-hop styles. His versatility as a producer stems from his ability to draw influence from diverse musical styles. Seals’ musical influences range from Quincy Jones to Nirvana.

At a modest thirteen years of age, Ma and Pa “Beats” relocated from Houston to Nashville. It would be here in the music city that young George would find the missing pieces to turn his obsession into a career. A fascination with DJ’s led Seals into producing. His ventures became more and more profitable. By 2005, his presence on the internet and at local beat-battles earned him countless production deals. Since then, “Pretty Boy” has collaborated with award winning Icon Studios producers The Drum Majorz as well as Grammy-winning artist Willie Clark. Seals has most recently produced tracks with the Atlanta-based “Udigg”, an affiliate of Atlantic records.

Seals refuses to keep all of his eggs in one basket. “Pretty Boy” is an aspiring actor and model, and currently has business ventures that include a clothing line and a radio station. When asked about being compared to Kanye West and Diddy, “Pretty Boy” states: “I definitely have been influenced by those great producers, but I live my own legacy.” With a wealth of resources and the talent to back it up, look for “Pretty Boy” to be around for a while.

Yo Kanye, Ima let ya finish… but “Pretty Boy” is gonna be one of tha greatest producers of all time
- James Jean of Dream Row

"Upcoming Producer: Pretty Boy Beats"

World Wide Swagger by Pretty Boy Beats This is pretty cool... George Seals approached me to help with promotion and gave me a LONG resume of things he has worked on. He seems to have accomplished a lot so far and at this rate seems to be on the right track for huge success. He came up in Atlanta/ Miami, but he is currently out of Nashville, TN. George has been compared to KAYNE and P-DIDDY, and is likely to break through to the major label market within 2009. He is looking for more work at all times so if you enjoy what he has done here, make sure to contact him on myspace (and don't forget to tell you you found him here). Like I said, he is soon to be the next big producer from the south, so if you want to collaborate with him, make sure you contact him soon before it becomes to hard to reach him. - MicControl Blog


Station List Nashville
101.1 The Beat Jamz
92.1Q , 102.5 The Party
Station List - Miami
Y - 100, 97.7, 95.5, Power 96, 103.5 the beat
Station List - New York
Z - 100

Songs Currently On Radio:
I Didn't Know - Neon
Do The Cashville - J.Bone
Worldwide Swagger - PrettyBoyBeats
Worldwide Swagger (REMIX) - PrettyBoyBeats
Cloud 9 - The Primates
Haterblockers - Liven Legend
She's My Shawty - Liven Legend ft PrettyBoyBeats
Dope Boy Ride - Lil Primo
I Love Money - Mississippi Slim
Get Ya Cash Up - QG
Misc. Projects
Dreaming Of Your Love (Remix) - Tony Williams
Cashville Underground Vol. 1
Coast To Coast Mixtapes with Dj Ykor
Mic Check 1,2 - Lowescompany
Enemy In Sight - Hitman
Independent Film - Reasonable Excuses
TV licensing - MTV Networks



George Seals Music Publishing (BMI)
George “PrettyBoyBeats” Seals

Musical Biography

George “Pretty Boy” Seals was born on June 27, 1984 in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Houston, TX. When he turned 13 his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. He was influenced by the music his parents listened to, classic R&B/Soul. From there he picked up Pop Alternative, Rock and Hip Hop. He was inspired by artists like, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Swizz Beats, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey Nelly, 3-6 Mafia, and Lauren Hill and many other artists.

During his high school years he took a serious interest in music. He quickly learned how to play instruments, and basic computer recording techniques. George always loved DJ’s, and began to make mix discs of the hottest songs out. He started selling the CD’s and making a considerable amount of money for a young person. From there George began producing his own original tracks, and researching the facts and figures about the industry. He then needed a new name and came up with “Pretty Boy” to match his swagger and “Pretty Boy Beats” when he stared making tracks.

As his comfort level grew, he continued to write his own original songs, run his independent company “PrettyBoyBeats”, network, produce/write original tracks and hip hop beats, and began recruiting talent. He started gaining attention, attending beat battles and building an internet presence in 2005. From there he gained the respect from the world to start charging money for his beats. In 2007 he worked alongside Platinum and Gold producers the Drum Majorz in Icon studios in Miami, Florida gaining knowledge from seasoned veterans who have charted success. He also collaborated with Platinum and Grammy winning producer Willie Clark while in Miami. PrettyBoy learned priceless lessons from these great producers.

Working with independent artists the whole time and constantly making new music, Pretty Boy still has his eyes on that #1 Billboard spot and getting his own platinum record. He has placed several hits on the underground scene with his independent artists. He also created a buzz about his brand “PRettyBOyBeats” and got to work with Intrinsic Management / G.O.O.D Music.

PrettyBoyBeats has been featured on The Access to Arising Artists show in NYC and gained recognition for his production with his independent artists. In 2009 his love for music has taken him so far, who knows where else it will take him. PrettyBoYbeats has also been featured and recognized by 101.1 The beat Jamz in Nashville, TN as a hot producer and artist in their Grind 2 Shine program based on his song popularity. Also PrettyboyBeats has been working with very closely with EMG Management and Kevin Connal in NYC for career guidance, music / production management and modeling projects. Pretty Boy Beats recently produced several tracks recording and mixing with Bolo Productions is Atlanta, GA, and is producing several independent acts. PrettyBoyBeats has also been working with James Fraser and J&T Management group for movie scoring, soundtracks and major music placement. In 2010 His most prominent acts are his girl group NEON with in Atlanta, MC J-Bone in Nashville, and MC Liven Legend in Miami. George Seals Music Group (BMI) is emerging as one of the hottest urban publishing comapnies in Nashville. With his songs getting play all over the radio and in his home town with his hit produced single "Do The Cashville" by J.bone on 101.1 The Beat Jamz PrettyBoy is on his way. He collaborated with top 5 Billboard and Sesac producer Darin "SUPERPOWER" Baker for the hit single "I Didn't Know" By Neon.

PrettyBoYBeats' recent success has lifted his publishing company to new heights. George Seals Music Publishing (BMI) is a production company / publisher for Pop, Urban and Country Music. Founded By George "PrettyBoyBeats" Seals, the company quickly emerged into a go to music publisher for record labels, artists, tv, film and other publishers seeking quality music.