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Georges Kaplan Presents...

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Blues




"Introducing Georges Kaplan Presents..."

“Georges Kaplan Presents… are a musical duo (Dan Strange - Saxophone, Stephan Barrett - Piano) hailing from the twisting streets of London, who in all things take their cue from their hero and mentor, the ever illusive Georges Kaplan.”

Imagine that smoky bar, a mysterious figure in the shadows puffing away in slow motion, the red dressed red lipped angel/devil of a woman who has it all and always wants more, imagine you’re living in Old Town or Sacred Oaks taken out of the Sin City world… One thing you don’t have to imagine is the soundtrack to all that cos I think we’ve just found it. Georges Kaplan Presents… seem as if they’ve been pulled straight out of that world and if it did actually exist they would be the ones to provide the music for it. As far as these guys are concerned nothing is sacred and everything is fair game. A New Orleans Blues, A Hungarian Folk song, Rock and/or Roll and the countless other riches that music has to offer are all there for the taking. - Fiction Fish


Georges Kaplan Presents are masterful musicians, and lovely chaps. Without a hint of divadom, this dynamic duo are the perfect performers for an array of events. They are energetic, passionate, and thoroughly engaging - a winner for any crowd. Blackshaw have had the pleasure of working with Georges Kaplan Presents on our 2010 Autumn Cabaret, and almost immediately booked them for our April 2011 Speakeasy. We're hoping this is the beginning of a long friendship, and maybe one day we'll meet the elusive Georges himself... - Blackshaw Theatre Company

"Georges Kaplan Presents"

I can't count the amount of times I've seen a band come on stage who've evidently put effort into their image, then the music starts and you can see why they've tried to divert the audience's attention. That does not apply to this pair.

With virtuoso piano and sax skills, Georges Kaplan Presents... create incredible, sometimes barely recognisable, reimaginings of famous works ranging from Led Zeppelin and Radiohead to Hungarian composer Rezso Seress. The climatic atmosphere they create, coupled with thunderous crescendos, would be enough for any music lover to get their teeth into, but no. Unwilling to settle for merely excellent, they've created so much more. With an entire back story to their music, distinctive artwork, sharp black suits and skinny red ties, when you watch them on stage you are transported to a steamy alley in 1940s New York where you can just about make out their silhouettes while their sounds echoes through the back streets.

There is no denying it, these are two decidedly cool cats. Oozing with more than enough talent and imagination to warrant their sleek image, this is how true creatives make a product that appeals to us on every level. But all frills aside, should you be lucky enough to have them on a stage in front of you, just close your eyes and listen. You'll understand. - Chaos Theory Music


Georges Kaplan Presents...

Drive-Thru Single & B-Side



Georges Kaplan Presents... are a musical duo hailing from the twisting streets of London, who in all things take their cue from their leader Georges Kaplan.

A man of infinite mystery, very little is known about Georges’ true identity save for his love of a hot tempo and a predilection for strong bourbon. Forever on the run, with only his wits to keep him alive he always knows how to keep ahead of the game. A hustler? A master manipulator? A mere shadow? No one can say, although those who claim to know him best simply marvel at his impeccable taste and incalculable talent in outwitting any would-be detractors.

Hot on his heels Georges Kaplan Presents... career across musical boundaries to create a fitting soundtrack for their elusive hero. Wherever he ends up, in the deepest, dingiest dive, the most sophisticated soiree, or even full throttle out on the open road, they ensure he is never without the song that keeps his heart beating and foot tapping. No one knows what keeps them on course in their joyride into previously unexplored areas of the musical landscape. Only Georges can tell you for sure, all melted down and recast into a new sound they call grindhouse noir. Georges would accept nothing less and neither would they. After all, survival comes at a cost. They're prepared to take the risk and do whatever is necessary to keep one step ahead.

A regular feature on the London scene Georges Kaplan Presents London have recounted Georges' advenutres in musical form in a multitude of settings including David Lynch cabaret at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, Wilton's Music Hall, Rich Mix, the Start Garden Party courtesy of Live Nation, the Buffalo Bar, the Stoke Newington International Airport and Brechtian theatre for Gunpowder Theatre. This is in addition to having featured on Resonance FM and regularly playing at the Chaos Theory nights the Jazz Market and Candied Nonsense. The chase continues...