George Stancell

George Stancell


George Stancell, "The Real Deal" This is the true Blues.


George Stancell, born in Greenwood Mississippi but an early age moved north and soon after he was playing guitar and piano. Sneaking into clubs, the music gripped him. Eventually moved to the mainstay of the Milwaukee scene, owning several clubs.
His old friend Johnny Rawls, brought George, to the attention of booking a agent. His very first album of influential JSP Label. The Already critically acclaimed album has been receiving national radio play and extensive review. Editorial and advertising coverage in all the national BLUES MEDIA.
Fom local legend to national fame in a few short months is well deserved and long overdue. With a reputation too, for some of the toughest shows on the curcuit. George won't be a nine day wonder. This Blues artist is to stay.


George Stancell "Gorgeouse George" sold over 200,000 CD's in Europe.

Set List

1. Stop Your Cryin' (3.53) 2. Except Me (3.45) 3.Gonna Keep On (3.31) 4. Gorgeous George (4.06) 5. I Wanna (4.48) 6. Leave The Light on Baby (5.35) 7. A Bluesman (3.50) 8. Mississippi Woman (3.38) 9. Singing The Blues (3.39) 10. Standin In The Rain(3.30 ) 11. I Don't Know What To Do (2.28)