George Taylor III

George Taylor III

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GT3 is a gifted emcee. A Georgia native, born and raised. ZOMBIELAND ALBLUM SEPT 2012.


GT3 is a gifted emcee. A Georgia native, born and raised, who came into this world as George Felton Taylor, III he has had an affinity for hip-hop music since he himself was 3 feet high and rising. His musical influences, ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z, are as diverse as his own brand of music, yet he has always maintained his own style and sense of self, both personally and musically. This is immediately apparent with George’s continued involvement in the community and work as an advocacy speaker, not to mention being a well-known, local sneaker aficionado who supports area businesses.

Coming up through the Atlanta area, underground rap scene, GT3 served as the front man for the rap duo, The Fresh, from 2004 to 2012. George is a natural born performer who has graced the stage of nearly every Atlanta area hip-hop and rap spot, including performing at A3C multiple times. During this time of his career, he was fortunate enough to have shared the stage with superstars such as B.o.B, Killer Mike, The Dungeon Family, Nappy Roots, The Wheeler Boys and many others over the years. Deeply entrenched in the Atlanta music scene, GT3 is also a founding member of the Atlanta crew The Hometeam. Founded together with Southern Ground recording artists, The Wheeler Boys, the “Duke of East Atlanta” Ricky Raw, the human animation station A-Bomb and legendary emcee Mr. S.O.S., The Hometeam’s roots are buried in hip-hop culture. The hard work, dedication, determination and love of hip-hop music have led to a steadily increasing demand for his brand of music, and a rise in popularity with his emergence as a solo artist.

Through his own creative process, George has already amassed an extensive catalog of songs. His music is not only reflective of his own real life experiences, but also focuses on current topics and events, social change, and the general state of the world today. The musical passion and depth that GT3 carries with him are, unfortunately, qualities that are missing from many mainstream artists today. Thus, allowing him to be quite adaptable, stylistically diverse and highly marketable across a wide variety of demographics.