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"``Thoughts Of Regret`` Review by BILLYBOP.BE"

Greece is not immediately associated with Rockabilly and fifties type music and yet I have to admit that one of the best recordings I received this year come straight out of Greece.
George and the Hustlers is a band that was formed in 2003, but the real path to the origin of this band leads back to 1988 when George Armeniakos and Yiannis Varias where in the same band the “Blue Thunders”.

Thoughts of Regrets is a careful blend of Blues, Country and Western and Rockabilly music. Influences sitting on top of their music are undoable Big Sandy, High Noon and assorted acts, but don’t be mistaken, ‘cause the classics performers are overwhelming present as well. Nine tracks with a vintage sound are included in this debut release. Not all of the songs are originals but the band itself wrote the better part of them. Don’t expect raw rockabilly tunes, but go for the more elegant version with some strollers, sweepers and an occasional rock ‘n’ roll dance tune “Southbound” or “Christine” are impressive self-penned efforts while “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young” is a nice Joe Allison cover. Another striking attempt in covering a tune can be found in their version of “Release Me”, original performed by Engelbert Humperdinck.

No Sirtaki or other Greek folkdances for these guys, but straightforward rock’n’roll. But what did you expect from a band that opened recently for Chuck Berry!

Mr Blue Boogie

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"BullDog Bash U.K. Review"

The Hustlers from Greece brought an almost classic rock n roll feel to the proceedings with style and charisma. When watching and listening to George you cannot help but believe that Elvis was only visiting Mars as is now back to play the Bulldog Bash a range of country rock n roll. This was the first band of the weekend to bring this style of country rock n roll to the main stage and play it with perfect, professional sound and a very tight onstage show. No rock n roll band would be complete without the electric guitar solos and The Hustlers deliver them with perfect timing and skill which demonstrates how good this rock n roll group really are. - By RockBeast U.K.

"``Thoughts Of Regret`` Review by By ROOTSTIME.BE"

In een licht aangeschoten toestand op de een of andere party wordt er wel eens poging ondernomen om de Sirtaki onder de knie te krijgen ... meestal met hilarische toestanden als gevolg. Daarom springen wij een gat in de lucht dat George Armeniakos en Yiannis "Body" Varlas besloten hebben om die moeilijke danspasjes te vervangen door gewone alledaagse country/blues/rockabilly bewegingen. Gingen zij in 1988 nog van start onder "The Blue Thunders" dan besloten zij enkele jaren geleden de groepsnaam te wijzigen. George & the Hustlers staat er nu vermeld op de kleedkamerdeur en toen zij die een tijdje geleden openden om het podium te betreden als supportingsact voor niemand minder dan Chuck Berry mochten zij meer dan 60.000 Griekse schonen in de ogen kijken. Het was Ralph Braband van Rhythm Bomb Records die de gasten op het spoor kwam en kon overtuigen om eens een bezoekje te brengen aan zijn Lightning Recorders studio's in Berlijn. Een aantal prima eigen rockabilly songs ("Southbound" en "Lonely Road") met een fraai bluesy "Rain of Love", en covers van Hank Snow ("Golden Rocket"), Joe Allison ("Live fast, love hard and die young") en zelfs een rockabilly/country versie van Humperdinck's "Release Me" sieren nu dit debuutalbum. Voor deze gelegenheid kwamen Nick Taliadouros (leadgt.) en Makis Tselentis (piano) de rangen versterken en mocht er tevens gebruik gemaakt worden van het vaste Lightning Recorders meubilair Michael "Humpty" Kirscht en Axel Praefcke. "Thoughts of Regrets" is een bijzonder fraai album geworden dat van die netjes, glad gepolijste rockabilly brengt en op menig feestje zal leiden tot danspasjes en rock & roll toestanden die wij ietwat beter beheersen dan links tept kruislings voor rechts aan (met Uw tenen) - met Uw linkerbeen zwaait U een rondje en plaatst deze kruislings achter rechts (ga hierop staan)/rechts opzij - links kruislings voor rechts stappen - met Uw rechterbeen zwaait U een rondje - plaats Uw rechterbeen kruislings voor links (draai Uw lichaam een kwart slag linksom) - links naar voren - rechts naar voren stappen - linkerknie omhoog halen en op Uw rechterbal van Uw voet gaan staan - enz ... (Sirtaki in de rij)


``Thoughts Of Regret``, self-titled, full length CD 2006 by Rhythm Bomb Records Germany,
``Enjoy the Greeks II`` Compilation CD 2006 by On Stage Records Greece,
``Hot Rodders Choice``Compilation CD 2007 Rhythm Bomb Records Germany.
``Perfect For Parties 2``Compilation CD 2007 Rhythm Bomb Records Germany.
``Hit After Hit``Compilation CD 2007 Rhythm Bomb Records Germany.



“George & The Hustlers” formed by George Armeniakos-Yiannis Varlas and fellow session musicians in summer 2003, but their path to rock n roll music starts a long time ago in the year 1988 with their first band the “Blue Thunders”. Their music is a mix of Rockabilly , Blues ,Country & Western, arranged in a modern style of today.

George Armeniakos
Born in Athens Greece. His love about Rock N Roll music came in a very early age when he heard for the first time the song ``Rock Around The clock`` on the radio broadcasting by the American Station from U.S. base in Athens. That was the first hit! And everything was completed when a tape passed to his hands by a friend called "SUN SESSIONS", recorded by Elvis and the Blue moon boys( Scotty and Bill).

That was it! From that day, his life has never been the same...

Yiannis Varlas
Born in downtown Athens Greece. The love of his father about Rock N Roll music effect him from a very young age. The daily sound of R' n R' in his house had a serious effect on the musical interests as a child (badly brain damaged!!!) in a way that learnin' the rhythm and the beat of R' n R' on his mother's pans and furniture made his mother's scream sound the R' n R' way! Growing up his musical interests became his life style( Harleys, muscle-cars ,hot-rods etc.)