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Heart Hangin’ On Your Hook

Written By: George R. Torosian, Jr.

Heart Hangin’ On Your Hook
©2006 George R. Torosian, Jr.
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Pink-tipped clouds, sunrise comin’,
Dented lunch box packed, truck outside runnin’.
You in bed sleepin’, my knuckle on your door,
Shake my head, don’t knock,
Don’t know what I’m stayin’ for.


My heart hangin’ on your hook,
No matter what you do.
Phone rings once,
The Devli’s prayer it’s you.
My heart hangin’ on your hook,
Every time you’re out the door.
Just pull the trigger,
What are you waiting for?

Wall clock stopped, TV broken,
Your words boxed up, my love’s ‘cuffs unopened.
Your jeans on the sofa, perfume trailin’ out the door,
I’m lyin’ here drinkin’,
Just like every time before.

(Repeat Chorus)

My love’s chewed up, like a dog-eaten bone,
Dry beer bottle spinnin’, bumps a silent telephone.
My tears on the table, knowin’ you’re to blame,
Livin’ for the moment,
When I hear you call my name.

(Repeat Chorus)