George Worrall

George Worrall



I have been playing the guitar now for 10 years and also play the bass, mandolin and a bit of keyboard. All sounds you hear on this page have been written, performed and recorded by me. I am 24 and from Dublin, Ireland. I play a lot in dublin city centre venues and generally get very good responces from people who are there "to hear the music."
I take my influences mostly from country and blues music. Few examples are - Norman Blake, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Robert Johnson and Leadbelly. After hearing me playing some people have actually asked if I was influenced by those last two artists. I don't let myself accept one note of filler and get opinions off others, namely my brother who has worked as a music journalist, to hear their opinion.
I think in general you won't hear my music style every day, which is a blend of the aformentioned styles and some jazz guitar.
Have a listen if like and I hope you like what you're listening to!


Come Out, Come Out

Written By: George Worrall

Give me a green light to move on
I got nothing to say
take your hand off my arm
I'm digging a hole in concrete
You put it there to harden my feet
only now your to your knees
So I'll pay close attention to the food I eat
What's that stuff you tryin to poison me?
Come Out Come Out
Wherever you are
The lights are on
But it ain't the moon and it ain't the stars
Gotcha at last
fallen flat on your....hmmm
At the end of this day he will close the book on my shame
I must have 13 emergencies every day
and it's turning my head grey
that's my excuse anyway!