Georgia Corowa

Georgia Corowa


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Written By: Georgia Corowa

Georgia corowa

Our present generation
Comes seeking strength and wisdom
In your memory
we will always give thanks

There was a boy, he was 17
A generation line of broken families
A world full of dreams
That he just can’t reach
Can’t help to think the past is catching up on him
He lives in a land that he thought was his
Stolen years ago and its hard to fit in

There was a girl she started to dream
A future so bright she was so talented
She couldn’t see a future so clear
She didn’t bout her heritage
See only three generations back
Her people were tricked as slaves
The truth is yet untold
Today’s a different day

I see that look
That look in their eyes
Still there spirit soars even through genocide
Apology accepted, freed with forgiveness
But still we ain’t getting it right

Their blood runs deep
Their blood runs wild
Full of mysteries they are yet to see in life
Can’t imagine why
Yet still we deny
The history that we so proudly claim
Advance Australia but it ain’t fair
Don’t pretend that you don’t care


Solo to sing verses
Choir to sing-rap the chant and language song between
Choir sings transition