Georgia Lines

Georgia Lines


i am a 16 year old indi folk singer songwriter from new zealand. I play the Guitar, keys and sing about life experiences i have had so far. Oh june is about the first lady i met with dementia.

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Oh June

Written By: Georgia Lines

Oh June – Georgia Lines

My mind aint blank I’m just gonna run home
Only a few miles from here
Behind those tired eyes, lie stories untold
Of love, of heartbreak, of secrets you hold
Now your life in tatters, in your green dress set to impress who?

Oh June
Forget me not
Oh June
Ya handsome boy oh june
Forgetful one, forgetful one, forgetful one, oh june

Friday you’ll be back, running to see me again
So I’ll sit slack gazing into air
Oh my dear


When did I lose the fight?
When did I lose my eager mind?
When did I lose the fight?
Oh oh oh

Chorus x2