Georgi Angelov is a songwriter/producer working on different projects with a number of singers and musicians.


Born in 1975 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated in 1999 in Bulgaria, currently doing master studies in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Like Freedom

Written By: Georgi Angelov

Like Freedom

Verse 1:

Life is fun and you are so pretty-
Many kitties to admire you
(You'r so handsome)

Walking slowly downtown alleys,
Dragging sunshine with your smile, oh
(Smiling sunshine)

I bet you don't think where you'r going,
Who you are with and whatever
(Does she love you?)

Seaside restaurants and all the
Empty shores of the South cost
(You have been there.)


Now is time to think about it - who you are?
And all the things you believe don't exist.
All forgotten things don't vanish as you'd like
And suddenly you will see you're not free


Free ‘cause freedom is not what you waste your time for,
Cause freedom's not given
But you'd better wake up, see that you are not so
Free ‘cause freedom is not what you waste your time for
‘Cause freedom’s not given
You’d better wake up, see that you are so not free

Verse 2:

Life is fun and now it's summer,
You feel loosely, having boozes.
(Watch you mind, oh!)

Thinking lazy that's amazing
Dressed so smart you going party
(After party?)

They don't know you, they don't want you,
their words blowing saying nothing.
(What you'll tell them?)

You consider this for freedom
of your mind and body but
(Is this freedom?)

Bridge: (...)

Chorus: (...)

Theme: know me and you can see me
You always have me beside you
You maybe don't know what this means,
But I should better now stop!

Morning Melody

Written By: Georgi Angelov


There are things that I do every day
Like when I open eyes to see the day light
And there are feelings that I like to keep with me
They may look common, but I sense them my own way

One day I'll return to where I come from-
That place is always in my mind but

First of all I take a breath and than I see the sun:
It's so beautiful-how simply: just I like it.
Second thing: I turn around and than I see this place
And it's something that I'll never have enough of

And never ever I will loose the willingness.
I will save the best
And this is just how calm I feel by it

And there are times I like and times I rather don't,
I like the ones when I feel sun close to me.
So much waste of everything around
I appreciate to have that thing exactly

First of all I wake up and I see it’s beautiful,
It’s so beautiful and that's one thing I like but
Second thing: I feel sun always close enough to me
And it's something that I'll never have enough of. (3)

In same old style
Still walking out
Like same long day
When I first saw it
In same old cloths
Still laughing loud
Still feeling proud
Of bearing same name
Still being there,
Still taking care,
Still feeling scared
To live without it.