Georgia Purcell

Georgia Purcell


My Music- Life, Love, Happiness, Honest, Understanding, Catchy, Alternative/Folk/Pop...makes you wanna rip off your jacket, let the hell loose and not give a damn OR just sit back and take the captivating lyrics in. Your choice!


Georgia Purcell is a young Australian female Singer/Songwriter and also plays the Guitar and Piano. After spending 7 months in England performing as a professional singer then recently returning home from New York City after spending three months performing her original music Georgia has a whole lot of experiences which enfolds throughout her music and story lines. Georgia is very persistent and passionate of her love of singing, music and songwriting which see's her pushing further and further to accomplish her dream. Her unique, soulful, folk voice, catchy tunes and captivating lyrics will instantly grab your hearing hunger to just want to listen more and more.

Set List

Georgia is an originals artist playing half hour to an hour long sets. Georgia thrives off performing especially her original music and her audience are enthralled listening to her intriguing voice and captivating lyrics.