Georgia Thomas

Georgia Thomas

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Sweet and Sassy Southern Belle with a pop country edge.


Singer-songwriter Georgia Thomas is sweet as the Mississippi magnolias, as down-home delicious as cornbread and collards. This brown-eyed, deep-fried southern belle is also a dedicated mom, strong in her convictions, stronger in her faith. This young lady is more than your average pop-country artist. Whether she’s burning it up on stage with the incendiary “Ash And Ember”, or accompanying herself on guitar to her beautiful love song “Angel On the Ground” (which she wrote for her husband), you will want to be along for the ride. Strap in, y’all!

Georgia attributes her musical genes to dad Cliff Thomas, who was a Sun Records recording artist in the ‘50’s, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. “I mostly listened to whatever my dad was playing around the house, which was mostly Blues and R&B, says Georgia”. This influence is evidenced in her songs, which blends her influences with a strong dose of pop country, and her sultry powerful singing style. Her voice has been compared to such country greats as Trisha Yearwood, Shania Twain and Patsy Cline.
Georgia began teaching herself piano at a young age, and later picked up the guitar. Following in Dad’s footsteps, songwriting soon followed. By 2000, Georgia had made the move to Nashville, TN to pursue her singing and songwriting career full-time.

Georgia’s self-titled debut release has received critical acclaim. As a live performer, she’s as comfortable rocking it out in front of her band as she is performing solo with her guitar at venues such as the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville. She pitches her material on Music Row with the help of a reputable Nashville songplugger, and her songs have been recorded by several independent artists, as well as receiving serious interest from major record labels.


“Fresh, Fantastic, Fun! Great songs, great performer and a musical treat."
-Ralph Murphy, ASCAP Nashville

" Georgia is talented, energetic, beautiful and a whole lot of fun. And has really got something to say."
-Bart Herbison, Nashville Songwriters Association International, Executive Director

"Sweet, sincere, confident, and geared for stardom is what you first notice about Georgia....then the voice. Wow!...."
- Rick Adams, PD/Mornings, WMSI "MISS 103", Jackson, MS


Angel On the Ground

Written By: Georgia Thomas

When you can't find your wings
When you're crying on your knees
When you feel your song won't sing
When your world is hanging by a string
I wanna be there, an answer to your prayer
You don't have to look any farther
Your ship has finally found a harbor
When the devil tries to get you down
I wanna be your angel on the ground
when a rainbow makes you smile
and fireworks are sparkling in July
When you laugh until you cry
and a wrong is made right
repeat chorus
When heavens seems so far away
I'll try to help you find your way
when clouds are falling down on your dreams, I wanna be your angel
when you can't find your wings


2006-(Duo Album) Liza Jane
2008-Georgia Thomas

Set List

Georgia's show is generally a 45-60 minute original set, but can be adjusted to suit the opportunity. Country cover songs in the vein of Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, and even more traditional covers e.g. Patsy Cline can be included depending upon the the situation.