Georgie Luttrell

Georgie Luttrell

 Newmarket, Ontario, CAN

acoustically anchored singer/songwriter with a lived in pop sensibility


here are times in life where music is the only way a person knows how to speak, and young Georgie Luttrell already understands that perfectly. Having grown up in a musical family the up-and-coming singer/songwriter was constantly absorbed in music since she can remember, always having a large fascination with the creation of sound. She was brought up hearing a vast span of artists from across a multitude of genres. Constantly being around people playing instruments and people singing leaves its mark on a person, but it wasnt until her early teens that her passion became more active, with her deciding it was about time she pick up an instrument and begin to play herself. Following in the footsteps of many of her family members, Georgie began to play the guitar and - like most teenagers - would lock herself away in her bedroom. Behind her door, she poured herself out onto paper and practiced the guitar until she couldnt practice anymore...

At only nineteen years old, Georgie has been playing and writing music for five years. Her influences are obvious in her sound and, as a singer/songwriter whose music is very acoustically anchored with a lived-in pop sensibility, Georgie is currently working on new material and building up her foundation as an independent artist; she is in no rush to complete the process and feels that she still has much to learn about the lifestyle that she is pursuing. Georgie is proud to make her debut on record with Falling, a self-recorded and mixed original composition that is one of the many highlights on Seneca College's IMP16 compilation.



Written By: Georgie Luttrell

December 12, 2011Georgie Luttrell
hey! here's the lyrics to 'Falling' (:

Took me down to where the hearts break
Been here one too many times
I’ll hold mine out for you to take
But you won’t see me cry
It’s bruised and broken anyways
I don’t need it anymore
I couldn’t make myself stay
When I could them screaming no

I, I’ve been falling
I, I’ve been falling

They say giving up doesn’t always mean your weak
Sometimes you’re stronger when you let go
I don’t think I ever believed that
But who am I to know
It’s all a story, without an end
Or so at least it seems

I, I’ve been falling
I, I’ve been falling

This is all just part of what makes us feel alive
and without heartache, without pain
How else could we survive?

I, i've been falling
I, i've been falling
I, i've been falling
I've been falling

Took me down to where the hearts break
been here one too many times