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"Gerald Edward On His Debut CD, You Write The Words"

GERALD EDWARD hails from Monroe Township, NJ. This singer/songwriter and Berklee graduate brings his talented guitar playing, along with a jazz/rock-infused sound, to the masses by way of his debut CD, titled "You Write The Words."

Listing his current occupation as "Professional Musician", EDWARD keeps himself busy with a steady stream of gigs, both as an artist and a backing musician.

EDWARDS began playing guitar at the age of twelve. Influenced by a host of artists, he has been compared to the likes of John Mayer, David Gray and Dave Matthews, among others. These influences have never been more obvious than on "You Write The Words."

This ten-song compilation definitely showcases EDWARD's jazz influence. He weaves both acoustic and electric guitars effortlessly throughout the disc like intricate threads in a tapestry of sound. The first cut off his CD that we aired, "Dear Terina," drew immediate Dave Matthews comparisons from listeners. Live on air, EDWARD performed a song called "Put The Brakes On." It is a line from this song that produced the CDs title.

Drawing on his Berklee connections, EDWARD used several fellow alumni to record on his CD. These same connections have also secured him an upcoming gig back in Boston at the Prudential Center as part of the Ben & Jerry's Music Connection Festival.

EDWARD combines a smooth vocal style and great arrangements with tasteful guitar playing and straight-on lyrics that one would expect from an older, more seasoned musician. This young artist has honed his craft to the point where he has a sound that is experienced beyond his years.

Check out GERALD EDWARD at "You Write The Words" is available at all of the usual online music outlets. - Chorus & Verse

"Review: Gerald Edward- You Write the Words"

I came across Gerald Edward a short while ago. I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m always interested in hearing new singer/songwriter talents. The rootsy yet current sound Edward displays on “You Write The Words” was right up my alley so it’s definitely a CD that I enjoy. Musically it’s actually quite solid and Gerald Edward has quite strong vocals too.

There are 10 songs on the album that showcase what this musician is all about very well. While his sound is very current you can often hear influences from rock & roll, folk, americana and even some honky tonk. Most of the time very subtle, but musically he incorporates these influences very cleverly.

Some of the key tracks like No Show, Dear Terena & the beautiful Put The Brakes On show that Gerald Edward has massive potential and in time, with the right promotion, there is definitely radio appeal. I can imagine many college and local stations already playing his songs and that wouldn’t be such a bad way to start the way up. Cause with this display of talent, the way up is the only possible way things can go for Gerald Edward.

The uptempo Fast As I Can opens the album. It immediately gets the juices flowing and gives you a good example of incorporating styles like rock & roll and honky tonk into a very current sounding singer/songwriter song. By adopting the best from other styles and making it into a catchy, pleasant-sounding pop song, Edward manages to set the tone for an interesting album. He then continues with one of the album’s highlights. A more free song, a rock & roll song with some swing in it, No Show is a display of raw musical talent, both in songwriting and in execution. I could say that the production drowns out the vocals a little bit sometimes, but without pointing out too many production/engineering issues, this song displays talent and potential.

The more laid-back and folky Simple Guy has a bit of a John Mayer-esque feel to it, even though Edward’s vocals do not resemble Mayer’s. But it has the same kind of simplicity in it without being a simple song. The nice rhythm exercised by the guitar and drums covered by the guitar melody (listen to the solo in the song too!) has a very cool effect. Spies is more uptempo again and while it’s catchy and has interesting little moments, the song in itself doesn’t wow me. Vocally impressive, and it has a nice summertime feel to it, but not the most impressive track on the record.

Dear Terena is another very interesting track with the laid-back rock & roll feel again. Once again a resemblance to John Mayer comes to mind, but that might not be entirely fair. The build up of the song is very cool as it really starts to grow as it goes on. The changes in tempo and intensity give this song extra body and vocally Edward really plays with the different parts of the song. Very impressive.

The guitar playing in Panic Mode, which is a lot grittier and has a more alternative edge, is very good. And the intenser vocals Edward displays here are also very strong. I imagine this would make for a very good live song. I enjoy the little solo around when the last minute of the song starts. Very rock & roll! There’s a nice danceable swing in I’m Your Fool, that may make this song an interesting contender for radio airplay. I don’t think I would have picked this one as my first choice for a radio song, but the more I listen to it, the more I can see that it could do alright.

And then the crown jewel of “You Write The Words”, Put The Brakes On, which is an acoustic song (reminds me a little bit of Ben Howard maybe?) with a very soothing sound and melody and VERY impressive vocals. The intimacy and personal connection in this song (you feel like Edward is really singing this to/for you) makes it a very special and impressive song. It also kind of reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel in a way. It has that same characteristic of immediately being an interesting song. And lyrically I think this is a very good song as well. Gerald Edward shows that he’s a master of the more intimate, acoustic singer/songwriter songs, because Firefly is another gem of a song. Once again I point out the excellent vocals, but listen to the musical arrangement that’s filled with feeling and accentuates the right parts of the song to emphasize the lyrics and vocals. One of those songs you just believe and can easily relate to. Great climax in the song too!

The more uptempo and happy-sounding Who We Are closes the album in a americana-like fashion, that really suits this artist. This is what I expect to hear when I walk into a random music bar in Nashville. Give me a beer and a bar stool and let Gerald Edward do what he does best, and I can guarantee you that I’ll be having a very good night.

“You Write The Words” is an excellent singer/songwriter album. It may not be your cup of tea, but musically it’s a very sound album and this guy can actually sing very well. I’m a fan of the genre and have a lot of material to compare it to. And I think this ranks among one of my favorite new discoveries in the singer/songwriter scene. Good arrangements, very relatable and a good amount of emotion/feeling is present in the songs. There’s not really a song that I feel weird about, the songs fit together quite well and as you can probably tell, Gerald Edward has just won another fan. - Koen Maas- Inner Ear Media

"Gerald Edward, You Write The Words"

This Berklee College of music graduate makes some interesting choices on his latest disc You Write The Words. I say interesting because his style sits somewhere in the middle of Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, and Michael Franks while at the same time reaching back into the dawn of the ‘90s with influences like The Spin Doctors. Fitting all these styles into something representative of an artist is no easy task, and Edward bravely takes a stab at that here.

He opens with the up-tempo, country-tinged “Fast As I Can,” a song that shoots him out of the gate quite well. Mandolins trill brightly behind tasty electrics and cow punk rhythms. Gerald’s voice is in fine form as well, mid-ranged and relaxed in this interesting tune. Cool bridge complete with B3-ish organ sweeps this right into the last verse and outro. Great.

“No Show” shifts up into that Spin Doctors groove thing. It almost sounds as if Gerald and the band (all Berklee Alumni) said, “Hey, let’s show everyone how good we can play.” And play they can, but the song gets lost in the sauce, lacking that emotional trademark that Edward displays elsewhere on the disc.

“Simple Guy” switches gears yet again, moving into a James Taylor sophistication that took me a few listens before I was on board. It rolls out acoustic jazz guitar and vocals, sliding into an organ punched reggae verse before jumping into a different progressive-styled chorus. It’s cool and breezy and once you’re into the second verse it’s easier to make sense and it really shines.

“Dear Terena” is another in the pocket jazzy pop tune that is probably the focus that he’s shooting for on the disc. Its extremely colorful and attention to dynamics is impeccable; chorus is great and I dig the laid-back rhythm section groove here.

Edward is right on track with “Put The Brakes On.” Addictive melody and emotion to spare mix with harmonies and golden guitars here, setting up the verse in good movement, the band kicks in, supporting with solid rhythm work, and harmonic tapped guitars sprinkled over warm analog bass.

“Firefly” continues the fun, focusing the listener on the pleasant vocal tone and outstanding lyrical content. Beatle-esque styled backing vocals and minor keyed down step chorus shimmers brilliantly into the solo end. Gerald ends the disc almost as he started it with “Who We Are,” a pleasant Poco meets CSNY number complete with mandolins, big back ground choruses and a Tennessee-toned vocal performance.

Gerald Edward is talented musician with a wealth of ideas still ahead of him. While his band selections are good, it’s his work as a solo artist that will get him noticed and I look forward to hearing more from this compelling artist. - John Pfieffer, The Aquarian Weekly


Full-length debut CD, "You Write the Words", Released 2010



Gerald Edward is part of a new generation of singer/songwriters continuing the American rock tradition of an evolving popular sound. At times modern rock, folk-pop, or blues tinged neo-soul, his songs cut across genres. His musicianship is the marquee of his performances, whether solo acoustic or with his band.

Gerald released his debut album, You Write the Words, in 2010 and has promoted it through playing venues in NYC (Pete’s Candy Store, Sidewalk Café), Philadelphia (World Café Live), NJ (The Saint, Triumph Brewing Co., Van Gogh’s Ear), as well as taking to festival stages at the Wave Gathering (Asbury Park, NJ) and Ben and Jerry’s Joy Ride (Boston, MA).

“Addictive melody and emotion to spare mix with harmonies and golden guitars here...“Firefly” continues the fun, focusing the listener on the pleasant vocal tone and outstanding lyrical content. Beatle-esque styled backing vocals and minor keyed down step chorus shimmers brilliantly into the solo end.”
- The Aquarian Weekly

“Gerald Edward shows that he’s a master of the more intimate, acoustic singer/songwriter songs…. While his sound is very current, you can often hear influences from rock & roll, folk, and Americana.”
– Inner Ear Media

“You Write the Words hits every main variation of guitar-based song, with a breadth of sounds from John Mayer to REM to outright country/folk and back.”
- Frequency Magazine

“Edward combines a smooth vocal style and great arrangements with tasteful guitar playing and straight-on lyrics… This young artist has honed his craft to the point where he has a sound that is experienced beyond his years.”
- Chorus & Verse