Gerald Evans & Paradise

Gerald Evans & Paradise


bluegrass at it's best. hard driving great harmony overall straight up one of the best bands you'll ever listen to great vocals and song writing just take a listen and judge for your self


singer song writer Gerald Evans
lead singer /lead guitar Duane Sparks: been playing and singing since he was 5 years old
Banjo playing hard driving Josh Smith:has played with the warrior river boys had rebel label while with them.
bass player/banjo jammin Mark Poe:has played since he was a lad with some of the greats like larry sparks. these guys have played with some of the great bands and have been in the spot light but now want something more they want to give bluegrass a little bit of all the great bands all in one package


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we are haveing trouble downloading our music so as soon as we get it fixed we will have music for you to listen too.


Because he lives: I wasted my tears:Going across the Blue Ridge: these songs do get airplay several others

Set List

1. Because he Lives sets are about 30 minutes
2.I wasted my tears
3.Bootleg whiskey
4.Tally Ho