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"Alpha-Omega News"

En Gedi
Like a Train

En Gedi is a Christian rock and blues band comprised of two father and son teams. First you have Nathan (son) on guitar and lead vocals, and his father, Gerard, on percussion. Secondly, there is Mike (father) on keyboards and bgv, and his son Aaron on Bass. If the make up of the band isn’t cool enough, their music is even cooler. This form of Christian blues is very rare, and hard to find.

It seems that the fathers have had the dominant musical influence over their sons. When Nathan was six he started playing guitar, and by the age of eleven he was into guitar greats Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray. Nathan, an excellent guitar player, is also backed up an equally strong band. Together the band blends with a nice smooth tempo.

With so much good music it’s hard to lay a few tracks out as my favorite, but a few did stick out more than the others. First, “Life Boat,� with its subtle melodic intro that builds up to a tenacious crescendo and guitar solo; secondly, “Paid Up,� for many of the previously stated reasons, plus the glorifying message of the song, and lastly, my favorite, “Can’t Be True.� The guitar playing on this track will just blow you away.

As an independent band, their greatest hope is that we all spread the word. The band has a myspace page < > and an official web site – Go there, buy the music, and get them out on the road!

- Ken W.
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"Recommendation for EnGedi"

The Bible Book Store hosted EnGedi as a part of our "Blast before the Blast"
showcase in 2001 and again in 2002. They are great musicians and great guys.
We enjoyed having them, and their blues/funk style appealed to a wide
I would highly recommend EnGedi to any promoter. They are a great ministry
band and we look forward to inviting them to our next showcase!
-Matt Bartenhagen
Music Dept.
Bible Book Store
222 Main
Williston, ND
701.572.8642 - Bible Book Store

"Letter of recommendation"

From: Pastor Paul Turek
Re: Engedi
Date: March 12, 2003

I am writing to you to let you know that I highly recommend the Engedi Praise band. I you will be pleased for having invited them to participate in LifeFest. They Love the Lord and want to let others know just how much they love Him through their gift of music.
Pastor Paul Turek
Faith Alliance Church
301 East Main
Sidney, MT 59270
1-406-433-1112 - Pastor Paul Turek

"CdBaby Reviews"

Love it!!!
Reviewer: TJ
It's like classic rock/blues that's totally fresh and new.

Reviewer: David T.
The combination of Gods word with excellent music is very inspirational, We definitly need more music like it it the world keep making it I love it

Reviewer: Dan Tibbitts
This is one fantastic CD! Every song is masterfully done. You can sense the passion they put into every song. EXCELLENT WORK GUYS!!!

intregiging, eye catching, and a want to find out how it sounds.
Reviewer: Mim Bontrager
The CD is wonderful and am sharing it with others. The look is eyecatching and it makes you wonder what it is all about. The sound is wonderful and it was done really well. I would recommend it to anyone who will listen to me about it!!

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Wow, your sound is very real, a touch of Dire Straits, a hint of Mark Knopfler; oh, how I would love to hear their style on the radio again! You guys have it going on!!!

A few comments, suggestions....
I really like the music, I'm impressed because I don't remember having this good of music in Minot at all.
The guitar and bass tone is really impressive on the tracks. I really like the clarity of the Drums on Like a train. Very nice. I'd love to see you guys live! I used to be in a 4 piece electric band and now I'm kicking it acoustic style...but I'm impressed. Continue serving Jesus because it's making a difference!

Man! You guys are stinkin' awesome. And the message is even better. Give us a holler if you guys ever come to Texas! Keep rocking for the Lord. God Bless.
*Equal Access*

Hey guys! you guys are awesome. thanks for being our friends here on myspace. its always awesome to find other brothers in the Lord who want to play music and rock out for Christ. your music is stinkin awesome i havent heard to many christian bands that sound like you so thats awesome. maybe we can hook up and play a show together sometime even though we are like a billion miles apart it would still be awesome. God bless you guys and your music! ~ Zach
*Never Die Wondering*

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