Gerard James

Gerard James


Canadian Country - influenced by country, blues, rock, and soul. Radio friendly, chick ready, hot country from a seasoned artist.


"I've often been asked how I come up with ideas for songs...Well, the truth be known, I just wake up each morning and look under my pillow and there's the next song. Actually, each artist is as different with their methods as each song is different from the next. I have had many songs come to me by inspiration, as I allow myself to be open to creation and life around me. Other times a framework is created and I go about filling in the pieces with a lot of mental sweat. Somebody once said that if it takes more than 20 minutes to write a song, it ain't that great. I tend to agree with this for the most part. I can write a song in 20 minutes and spend the next two weeks decorating it with expressive words or adjusting the phrasing better. Most times these songs are like a sculpture of stone. The complete work is already there. It is my challenge to reveal the beautiful image beneath the layer of stone."

"My influences include every great contemporary songwriter - from Cash to Dylan - from Woody to Springsteen - from Neil Young to Muddy Waters."

"I love music with a passion that some find very strange. I hope to find others that feel the same as me and discover some great friends along the way."

"Some have said that my songs have made them cry. I hope it was from the lyrics and not the singing. If I could describe what my music sounds like I would have to liken it to a combination of old school Country with a splash of early Rock influences."

As a member of SOCAN, CCMA, and NSAI, this Canadian artist is connected to the heart of the songwriting community.


Debut album entitled "Another Thousand Miles" released in September 2006. "A Single Dance" released across Canada and Europe with radio airplay.

Receiving Internet airplay in Europe and USA.

Set List

All original material - enough for 2-45min sets. Any cover tunes will be from the same genre.