Alkmaar, North Holland, NLD

Make yourself at ease. Drink a beer, be silent and listen to the songs and lyrics. Gerhardt, for you precious listener. Especially for you..


a versatile and colourful artist that has been full of surprises these past years. In 2011 he got proclaimed as Serious Talent at 3FM, the biggest Dutch radio station. He got chosen for 'Hollandse Nieuwe' by 3voor12 and selected for the Popronde as did the NS Try Out Festival select him.
Gerhardt sold out the legendary Paradiso with his CD releaseparty of ‘All is There’.
The album is released by his own label, Mr.Kite Records and was recorded with musicians from Triggerfinger and producer David Poltrock who previously worked with bands such as Hooverphonic and Arid. The songs were recorded in the famous JET-studio in Brussels. Black Pete mixed the songs in his Berlin studio.

The first single ‘A brand new heart’ for which an extraordinary video was made, has been played on national radio stations such as Radio 1, 2 and 3FM as well as on all regional stations and the song even found its way to radio stations in Brasil.
Gerhardt’s remarkable live performances even brought him to the very popular Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door.
His new single ‘I want to be you’ has been received very well. And the Tequila version is a big success too! Go out on Youtube and find yourself the two different video’s. They’re hilarious!

Gerhardt has played at sleazy, big, small, odd and rickety stages in Moscow, Cuba, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Lapland, Belgium and the Netherlands. He plays his music in Japanese looking cocktail bars, 16th century courtyards, steamy living rooms, in the back of a car, toy stores, prisons and rock stages.

Imagine going home after a show with the echoing sounds of songs in your head..
Gerhardt, artist.
For you, precious listener
Especially for you.


'A brand new Heart', single
Dutch iTunes no. 24

'All is There', mini-album

'I want to be you', single

'Waiting down the line', single