Germain Brunet

Germain Brunet



-Won 5 professional songwriting grants through FACTOR ( I received my first one in 1992. Received the next grant 10 years later in September of 2002, my third and fourth in March and October of 2003 and in July of 2004 I received my 5th grant.

-Won 1st place in the International "Song Of The Year" contest in the 2004 September round (country category), with my song "Harbout of your Heart".

-Signed a single-song publishing contract with Cornelius Companies of Nashville for my song "Harbour of your Heart".

-Honorable Mention award in the NSAI/CMT contest for my song "The 12th Rose.

In the late eightees I was playing drums and singing in a local Top/40 Rock band but my passion was writting songs. In 1990, one of my compositions called "I'M SORRY FOR ALL THE TEARS", was published by Saddlestone Records of Vancouver, B.C. CANADA. Back then, I thought it might be the break I was looking for but as it turned out, it was far from that.

After years of writing, re-writing, re-writing the re-writes, going to seminars, recording demos, shopping my songs in Canada and Nashville and seemingly getting nowhere, I decided to give it all up...but I guess it didn't want to give up on me. In late September of 2001, I woke up one morning with a melody in my head and just had to get up to write it the end of that year I had completed 23 songs. I have never written that many songs in one year, let alone in 3 months.

Although I have achieved some of my goals, my paramount desire is to make a living as a professional country writer.


Where you stole my Heart

Written By: Germain Brunet

Where You Stole My Heart

How many years have come and gone since we’ve both been here?
This old neighbourhood still looks the same
Do you remember when we met on that hot July night?
I looked into your eyes and felt the flame

Here’s where we learned about love and racing hearts
School never taught us things we learned in Don Lita Park

Hey look there’s that old swing, that’s where we kissed for the first time
There’s that same skating rink where I held your hand and we both fell down
All our favorite memories; boy don’t you miss this place
How I love this park, it’s where you stole my heart

There’s that little shack we use to hide behind
Whenever we wanted to be alone
Our bodies melting into one beneath that midnight moon
Couldn’t let you go till the break of dawn

And now baby here we are again, and there’s that same old moon
The only thing that’s changed is that I’m even more in love with you


© 2004 Germain Brunet

Harbour of your Heart

Written By: Germain Brunet

Off a coast in the middle of nowhere
There’s a man on a lifeboat lost at sea
He paddles hard through the pounding waves
Praying to God, please “Rescue me”

The sun sinks beyond the horizon
His weary eyes still see no land in sight
He’s broken down, tired and soaked to the bone
He’s losing his will to fight

That’s how I feel since you’ve been gone
Lost and alone, drifting along
Trying to find my way back to where you are
Back to the harbour of your heart

I go to bed and softly call out your name
I close my eyes and I can almost hear your voice
I tell myself that I won’t cry tonight
But my heart leaves me no choice

A love like ours surely doesn’t just merely drift away
And I hope that someday soon you’ll feel the way I do
And you will come back and fill this emptiness

© 2004 Germain Brunet

Good at Everything

Written By: Germain Brunet


I’ve been watching you with our kids today
Don’t know where you learned, but you have a way
They run around this house, you’re always cleaning up
They want this and that, then they fight
Unlike myself you never lose your head
You handle everything just right

Just wanna say you’re simply one of a kind
Just wanna tell you I’m so glad that you’re mine
Baby you’re really something
You’re so good at everything

When it’s time for bed, you sing the kids to sleep
Then the lights go down, and it’s just you and me
You lay down beside me and with the touch of your hand
You send shivers running up my spine
Without even knowing there you go again
Doing everything right


Maybe it’s just me but you’re perfect can’t you see
Can’t you see?

© 2004 Germain Brunet