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"Shred !!"

GERMAN SCHAUSS - An absolutely explosive shred guitarist that draws from several different influences. Giving him a sound and style unique unto himself. If you're a fan of over the top shred ( ala: STUMP, MALMSTEEN, PETRUCCI ). Then German is a guitarist you have to check out. - The

"The Lightspeeder"

Mind-blowingly fast sweeps. Complex, classically influenced progressions. Odd, even and fractional meters. Shredded, corpse-chopping, speed picking. A head-splittingly large number of notes! All this and more can be heard on German Schauss' CD The Lightspeeder, a collection of seven neo-classical progressive instrumentals designed to shock, awe and make you soil your drawers. You'll feel as if you're traveling at 420 MPH through a tunnel on a motorcycle as you hear the notes whizzing by your ears, made possible by Schauss' total technical mastery of his instrument. Standout tracks include "Chasing The Dragon" and "The Final Showdown". Speed freaks have another potential hero coming their way. - Guitar 9 records

"Review : Acceleration 420"

"A new German guitar hero whose music best represents resurgence in Malmsteen and Dream Theater - style theatrics, Dream Theater because of Schauss' technical expertise, his songs groove with numerous chord progressions, fiery picking and unrestrained arrangements and Yngwie Malmsteen because Schauss' compositions produce epical scales that are fast with a neo-classical edge, thus what we hear are exciting well thought out compositions, full of energy, extremely fast picking, good tapping and sweeping techniques."
- AOR/ Flash Magazine

"The Lightspeeder"

On "The Lightspeeder", German showed off his pure mastery - in shredding-power metalish "sauce" with a light progressive "flavors" and instrumental hard rock's "aftertastes". His music is full of solemnity and royal Majesty! Ladies and Gentlemen - one thousand perfect notes per minute and a whole world become dancing with German! His style consists of elements known from other instrumentalists' manners - of Tom Hess, Mike Walsh, Joe Stump, Luca Turilli, and Racer X. There is no doubt that German Schauss is one of the most eminent shredder in the history of the genre! German's students are lucky chaps! Why? Firstly - he is a great guitarist. Secondly - creates as brilliant melodies as itself he is! And thirdly - as Tina Turner sang - he is simply the Best! Child prodigy! Magnificent! Long live German! - Mikolaj Furmankiewicz, HMP Magazine


The Lightspeeder (German Schauss)(2006)
Eso (2003)
Musical: Hot Star Nebraska (2002)
Acceleration 420 (German Schauss)(2001)
Dancetracks (2000)
Musical: Little (2000)
Kribbelkoepp: ganz anders (1998)
Underachiever, unexpected (1997)
Donald Dark: Chez Guevara (1997)
Donald Dark: leise? (1996)
Donald Dark: D.A.R.K (1993)



Close Encounters with The Lightspeeder: German Schauss

With dizzying precision and graceful agility, German Schauss takes us on a journey through the outer limits of sound through mind blowing guitar playing and melodic guitar lines soaring through stratospheric heights against the gravity of a rich and complex orchestral score. Using odd and even meters German fuses the classical influences of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin with modern instrumental rock guitar music through epic music structures and lush soundscapes.

An endorser of Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Laney Amplifiers, DiMarzio Pickups, Maxon Pedals, Rocktron, Morley, Presonus, Jim Dunlop, The GuitarWheel and DR Strings, German plays clinics and concerts at international music fair and trade shows such as Musikmesse Frankfurt, the NAMM Show, and other shows around the world. He has also been awarded the ASCAP Plu$ Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.

As a composer, performer and educator, German has participated in many projects including writing and recording music with his original band, touring with many bands nationally and internationally, performing in various music projects from musicals to a funk band, teaching at Berklee College of Music, writing instructional articles and online interactive video lessons for MelBay Publications and developing an advanced Rock Guitar course on ¡°Shredding Techniques¡± for the National Guitar Workshop¡¯s online school ¡°¡±

German currently resides in Los Angeles where he teaches, performs, records and writes new music for his album due to be released this summer.