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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Since the prescribed and timely ending of Canadian post-punk Indie-dance connoisseur's Despistado (Jade Tree), vocalist/guitarist Dagan Harding and guitarist Leif Thorseth spent a mere 6 months apart before re-gathering themselves to seek un-treaded musical waters once again. Geronimo manifested from the ashes of Despistado's innovative and critically acclaimed sound; and has since spread those ashes over the lake at the cabin you used to spend your summers. Deepening your inability to deny their intense, witty, rock pop, electro, punk experiment; Geronimo is a visceral overhaul of your senses. These boys will break you down, pull you back up, and dust you off with a head slap. They will melt your eyebrows and wax your legs while you speak in tongues. Together since Oct 2005 Leif Thorseth, Dagan Harding, Henry Brass, Garret Matheis, and the newly added John De Gennaro have shared the stage with acts such as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Peter Bjorn and John, Minus the Bear, The Constantines, and Tapes n' Tapes. As a result of their tireless touring schedule, 2 pop Montreal performances, a visit to NXNE, and being named one of Chart Attacks "Bands To Look Out For In 2007"; Geronimo has developed a solid foundation that most bands in this day and age lack. "Enlightenment In A Small Town" EP 2006 has become an antidote to everyday living for fans of these altruistic painters of hypocrisy. It's an honest bible; filled with as much self-aware ecological intrigue as it is humanist confusion. Geronimo has also developed a versatile live performance that is garnishing bigger and more devoted listeners every tour. Dagan, Henry, John, Garrett, and Leif will be completing songs for their first full-length throughout the winter of 08. This much anticipated follow up will coincide with Geronimo's first extensive North American tour in spring/summer, and Europe in the fall of 08.

Personal Accounts of members of Geronimo:
Garret Matheis, an intrinsic and more than capable machine. Every time I brush shoulders with him, his quiet subtlety temps me into dream. Surrounded by smoke and humour at every first glance, he is a dealer of sincerity with every moments resurrecting task. But beyond what he says, his silence eludes more, and then he wonders why people see truth in every past "hardcore". So relaxed that he's exhausted, so quick that his middle name is "nestle", Garrett Barret wrote the history book on rock n' roll misery. Well schooled in the vain of hardcore punk rock, he looks to Geronimo for all the answers in the dark.
Henry Brass is Henry Bass. Bass in his tact and love is his act, for everything he understands, he's got words like hip-hop loves crack. When he walks down the street he fills holes that even the city misses, and in the flooding months, it's the water that he kisses. His rhythmic status is possessive over everything that it rumbles, and for every judgment he hears, it's all the assholes that he humbles. Amongst the many other things that he offers his assistance, it's our Geronimo that he sings to when he wishes. And if you see him make sure you ask the question that is desired, Henry Brass is Henry Bass; He goes lower than low, if low is higher.
Leif Thorseth is a floating book, a sorcerer of sorts. His mother always said, "Leif! Stop playing with the Lords". He is a cross breed from an ancient sect of historical wizards, that used to mix the innocent things in life, with eating Lizards. His destiny began long before he did, and furthermore in his blood-line, it's illegal to grow-out of being a kid. So his beard will grow and he will choose a career that's true, and coming in the 8th month of this year, for the 1st time on the alter he will say "I love you". His stories are from other worlds and his choruses are pitchy yet strong, Guitar hands gave this lad the gift to offer this world song. He is a narrator of sorts to the common enterprise, with gifts on daggered hooks, he'll real you into his world of size.
John De Gennaro will be your pharaoh. Quiet to the brink of extinction, and subtle to the art of life, he brings the martial arts of music to the level of a knife fight. Never to admit it and to close to bullshit it, he'll yell internally of "responsibility" until all of his friends just simply get it. Unbearable and addicting at the same time, his eyes see the energy of Bruce Lee and Einstein combined. If you need to talk to John, perhaps you'll always be wrong - But if you need to write a song he'll say "just write it for the sake of the song".
Dagan Harding is a mixture of abilities and Tease. From the public eye, to the private mind, He focuses on perfecting that little place inside. On the crukst of vanity and revolutionary thought, he takes notions from the seeing-blind and gives them to the distraught. If he was a witch then his guitar would be his broomstick, and he'd fly away to dusty corners of the map dropping bombs that sound like hints