Gerry Clewes

Gerry Clewes


My music is real and heart-felt and is family oriented. My first song- Being Two was written to my inner child and describes all the warm and tender things all of us want to hear from our parents. My next song was an appology to my daughter for spanking her when she was young.


I was in a group therapy session when the idea for my song "Being Two" hit me. I began writing down all the things I wish had been said to me, more often, when I was growing up. It turns out that a lot of people can relate to a song like this and when I perform it at weddings or family gatherings, I am amazed at the number of complete strangers that begin crying! I guess I got this one right and I am continuing my songwriting in this vain.


"Being Two" has been copyrighted and a fine recording has been made of it. I am presently searching for a means of creating a video of it with a 2 year-old as the star!

Set List

I do four song sets at an open stage venue at our Folk Club I play a couple of my songs and 2 others. I do a great job of The Dance and To make you feel my Love.