Gerry Laverty

Gerry Laverty


Rough Hewn Appalachian / City Folk music that would be at home at the Algonquin Round Table


Influenced by The Great Folk Scare of the early 1960's. the music of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Jack Kerouac writings ( Mexico City Blues). Write my original songs from this model.


Lonesome Blue Eyes

Written By: Gerry Laverty

I live in Montana
With the sage brush and silence
Where the winter comes stealing
At the end of the spring
My thoughts are in motion
Like the swift rushing river
That runs to the deep and turbulent seas of your lonesome blue eyes.

Chorus : Your lonesome blue eyes
That I long to get lost in
Like the quiet of the prairie
In a summer snowfall
I pray you come riding
On a lonesome train whistle
To the tune of my heart strings and your lonesome blue eyes.

I would be a maverick
On the highway of freedom
To lean on the whiskey
Soothes this poor Irish heart
But where could I wander
In search of a treasure
That compares to the beauty
Of your lonesome blue eyes


I have often wondered
Through life's lonesome travels
Why love tends to linger
Just when you think its long gone
Entwined in the mystery
My heart breaks with sorrow
While searching for something
In your lonesome blue eyes.

Chorus :


Solo releases: Zion Crossroads-1999 / Songs For The New Dark Ages-2006.
Compilations : Richmond Local 641-1996 / Floating Folk Festival Vol I & II

Set List

Typically : 45 Minutes on average
August 29th ( in new orleans) / Lethal World / Estranged Blues / I Am A House / Lonesome Blue Eyes / Paris ( A Dream) / Damascus Road / Die In Winter / Jerusalem / Time or Flying Blind Into The Abyss/ Zion Crossroads